Follow us on the ‘Net’, Dudley Panthers you get:Dudley-Mount Tabor game on TONIGHT!

You can follow the Dudley Panthers tonight from the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center, as they take on the Mount Tabor Spartans, in the NCHSAA Men’s West Regionals….

The basketball game begins at 8:30pm and we should be going LIVE here at, at around 8:15pm…..

Just Click On the ‘Basketball in Focus’ link/button at the top of our home page…..Listen to the game tonight from anywhere in the world, on…..Tonight’s game brought to you in part by ‘The Sports Docs’, at Murphy-Wainer Orthopaedics….

You can also listen live at Coliseum on 97.7FM……That’s 97.7FM, inside the Greensboro Coliseum only….

Follow the game all the over the world, on…..Listen Live at the ‘Basketball in Focus’ link at the top of the home page….Just CLICK it on and you’re on/in the game…..