ACC Tournament Notes and ACC Personalities:Clemson-FSU and today’s leaders

Just a few quick notes on Thursday’s games, with the ‘Game of the Day’ possibly being the Florida State-Clemson game, from late last night….

Clemson had all kinds of chances to get back in that game late, with the foul shots, the three-pointers, the missed free throws by Florida State, the end of that game had all kinds of drama, until FSU finally closed it out and won the contest, 73-69….The Clemson-FSU game almost took on shades of the Charlotte-Richmond game from Thursday afternoon….
*****To me, Game Four on Thursday was your ‘GAME OF THE DAY’…..*****

The Personalities of the Teams

For Duke their team persona is typified by Mason Plumlee and Seth Curry….Plumlee and Curry carry that team and they are they are the ‘Personality of the Devils’….

For North Carolina State, their true Personality is Richard Howell…Howell is the ‘heart and soul’ of this Wolfpack squad….He is ‘The Man’ that carries this club….

For North Carolina, it was James McAddo and then Reggie Bullock, but lately their team persona has been none other than Greensboro’s own P.J. Hairston…..Hairston is the ‘Calling Card for Carolina’ right now….

As for the other remaining ACC teams, I will let you go ahead and add your guys in, but as for the names above, I think that I have hit the nail on the head……