Shane’s Rib Shack March Madness Contest

Don’t forget Shane’s Rib Shank on Westover Terrance is sponsoring our March Madness Bracket Contest, by providing $100 Gift Certificate to the Winner.

Be sure to drop by and eat some of their great Ribs and my favorite – Big Dad’s Combo (Barbecue Sandwich so big you will eat the barbecue first, just to get the sandwich small enough to eat.)

Here’s the link to enter –

I was going to mail folks verifying their entry; but that function did not work this year. Deadline for entry is 1 Hour before the First Game on Thursday. So here’s who we have received entries from so far.

Name                  Bracket
Danny Robinson        drob1211
Keith brown           triadwatch
Landon Biggs          Lbiggs11
chuck durham          chuckyd
Brian Miller          LonghornNation
john fields           bigjohn
jackfinley            superduke
Amber Fox             Currys Finest
Andrea Lovette        Scotty
CLINT                 SMITH
Steve Smith           hataca
nat norris            wolfpac89
cooly j               chisoxs89
nat norris            soxs89
Mike                  Heelsfan36
Jordan Frye           Jordanation
Mick Riggs            Mick
Mary Anderson         Ribs PIck