NCBCA Men’s High School Basketball All-District 7 Team

from the North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association on their All-District teams and coaches have to be a member of the NCBCA to participate in the voting and that is also the criteria/deal if you want to get your player on the team…Coaches must be members of the NCBCA to have their school represented….Here are this year’s teams and the POY and the COY as well from out district, District 7….

District 7 – MEN
Player of Year(Terrell Leach/Southwest Guilford)
Coach of the Year(Guy Shavers/Southwest Guilford)

All-District 7 First Team
First Name Last Name Grade School
Terrell Leach 12 SW Guilford
Kedrick Flomo 11 North Forsyth
Mohammad Tijani 12 NE Guilford
Deion Robinson 12 Mount Tabor
Charlie Wagoner 12 North Forsyth

All-District 7 Second Team
Cody Hylton 12 NW Guilford
Mike Hughes 11 WS Prep
Craig Hinton 12 East Forsyth
JT Williams 11 Smith
Tyquan Bitting 12 Mount Tabor

All-District 7 Third Team
Mattie Magidan 12 Mount Tabor
Caleb Anthony 12 Reagan
Jaqwan McCauley 11 Southern Guilford
TJ Logan 12 Northern Guilford
Chris Pompey 12 Central Davidson


  1. Dudley is in District 7 but I don’t think they are voting members….

    All coaches have to join this association to vote and to have their players nominated for selection….

  2. What about Sam Hunt-Dudley, ok bad game against Mt. Tabor, but the rest of the season, butter. Ty Graves-Page I hope his status as a freshman did have anything to do with it. The young fellow did ball out this year, yeah he made some mistakes, but they were freshman mistakes, but he play well all year.

  3. In order to make the all district team the player’s coach has to join the NC Basketball Coaches Association. Membership costs either $10 or $15. All coaches in the state are emailed about the NCBCA throughout the year. Booths are set up at the annual coach’s clinic in Greensboro to sign members up. District chairs are asked to contact all the coaches in their district. If a player is left off because his coach didn’t join it is a shame and someone needs to talk to the coach or donate his fee for him so he can join and get his players recognized. All the coaches at a school can join and if they do they can all vote for a player. The NCBCAA makes this a requirement to encourage membership in their organization. The more members they have the more the NCHSAA will listen to their concerns (like getting rid of the stupid pod system for playoffs that causes conference teams to play each other in the first round) when they present them. It is the professional obligation of all basketball coaches to join and support their organization and players. Unfortunately not all do.

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