Big News coming out of Burlington this morning on that Western Alamance’ win over Williams last night

Game Report from the Burlington Times-News and we saw Hodge, Burns, Gorham, both Deatheridges(Brock and Blake) and many hands on deck, contributing to the win by the Warriors over the Bulldogs last night…..Western Alamance 12, Burlington Williams 7 was the final and we have the full game wrap-up and and report from the Times-News of Burlington and you can check it all out when you:


*****Many are saying one of the best games that they have seen in a-while/this season…..HR’s by Hodge and Burns, multiple hits by the Deatheridges, timing hits and key RBI by Gorham and other Warriors….Alan Sharpe takes the loss for Williams, but he has nothing to be ashamed of, this was a hard-fought, well-played game last night, with the Warriors and the Bulldogs…*****