‘On the Road to Greensboro’: Southeast Guilford HS Easter/Spring Break Baseball Tournament coming to NewBridge Bank Park

The word is coming in today from Charlie Pannell with the Southeast Guilford Baseball Program and the tournament is coming to NewBridge Bank Park April 4, 5 and 6……Thursday-Saturday, with three games per day beginning at around 1pm, 4pm and 7pm…..Southeast Guilford, Northern Guilford, Randleman, Wheatmore, McMichael and Leesville Road from Raleigh will all be on hand….Last year they had super tournament, with SEG meeting Randleman in the Championship Game……More details to follow, but it is all on the way to NewBridge Bank Park on April 4-6, with the Title to be decided on Saturday night….Again three games per day and all six teams are guaranteed three games in the tournament….SEG, Northern Guilford, Randleman, Wheatmore, McMichael and Raleigh Leesville Road are all ‘On the Road to Greensboro’……

Coaches– Charlie Pannell need a few things from you. Last year we had about 20 college coaches in attendance along with the Major League Regional Scout and Scouts from 4 MLB Teams. We will be inviting these college coaches to attend again this year. I need for you to send me your rosters ASAP. I especially need a list of your legitimate college prospects with some bio as to what position — time in 60 yd — BA or ERA— bats rt throws left ETC.ETC. If you have a kid that has signed already send me that info also because the MLB scouts want to have a look. We are promoting the kids and last year one player was signed as a direct result of being seen at our tournament. I will send out to the college coaches the basic info you send about your players that are prospects .

ALSO– Here is a optional opportunity for you to make some additional funds for your program. We will be broadcasting all nine games live on the Internet. Your fans can listen and watch by web cam via www.greensborosports.com and click on the baseball broadcast icon at the top of the home page. We will also be broadcast on 97.7 FM inside the stadium so your fans can bring a radio or stream live on the Internet. If you want to make additional funds please feel free to sell sponsorships and let us know who is a sponsor so that we can give them some air time. You set your own price and keep the sponsorship proceeds. We ask that you contribute $150 towards the cost of the broadcast. Contact me or Coach Beasley with your $150 and let me know who your sponsors are and we will be sure to give them a bang for their buck. Guys, This will light the eyes up on your sponsors and supporters a lot quicker than hanging a banner will. Let me have your info ASAP

Charlie Pannell
SE Legion Baseball
336 908-3951 capannellins@aol.com

cc: Andy Durham www.greensborosports.com