Shane’s Rib Shack Men’s Basketball Brackets Contest Held In March

You know this idea that words have some value when combined with other words has become a real problem. We’ll get by; because we all know what we are talking about.

Here’s the DEAL for one last time before we close the contest Thursday at 11:15 AM.

$100 in Gift Certificates from Shane’s Rib Shack – Westover Terrace location.
The Winner Takes It All – Most points win. One point for every game of the remaining 64 teams that you select.

Here’s our entries so far.
(I have removed several duplicate entries.)

Danny Robinson        drob1211
Keith brown           triadwatch
Landon Biggs          Lbiggs11
chuck durham          chuckyd
Brian Miller          LonghornNation
john fields           bigjohn
jackfinley            superduke
Amber Fox             Currys Finest
Andrea Lovette        Scotty
CLINT                 SMITH
Steve Smith           hataca
nat norris            wolfpac89
cooly j               chisoxs89
nat norris            soxs89
Mike                  Heelsfan36
Jordan Frye           Jordanation
Mick Riggs            Mick
Mary Anderson         Ribs PIck
LaKeisha Giles        Toofly52
Rob Seib              Rob Seib - Titusville PA
Tyler Parr            tparr4
Chris Osborn          Oozzy4208
Marshall Brown        AKROCKS
Mss Gfan              Mss Gfan
Tim Zettel            Wolfpack Wins
Gfan Jr               Gfan Jr
Ms Gfan               Ms Gfan
Gfan                  Gfan
Kevin                 AAA Wild Guess
eddie davis           fast eddie
Jeff Joyce            joyce
Kevin                 Tar Heel
Kevin Faherty         Kevin F
Scott Loosemore       bigrednation
Matt Langenfeld       mattgso
chet garner           beastfan
Barry Obama           Barrys Brackets
jj kennedy            jjtarheel
Brandon Hayworth      Louisville wins
James Usher           Louisville2013
Dan Romuald           Badger Fever
Forest Wirz           336Money
Brad Curtis           Brad 4
April Brown           Awbrown

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