High School Senior bench presses 700 pounds

from the YardBarker at FoxSports.com along with MSN.com:

If Matt Poursoltani keeps lifting at this rate, he may be able to find a part-time job hoisting cars or other heavy objects off people sometime soon.

Poursoltani lifted a ridiculous 700 pounds on Saturday — a feat not only impressive because it’s 700 pounds but also because Poursoltani is a high school senior at Pilot Point High in Texas, and because he has increased the amount he can lift by more than 100 pounds in just a year, according to the Dallas Morning News.

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*****I remember back in the day bench pressing 250 pounds on a univeral machine at the old high school back in 9th grade and I thought that was a lot, but that ‘aint nothing compared to what this guy is doing…..I wish our old universal would have had more weight, but we had to start putting bags of concrete and junk like the the machine to get it to 300 and that didn’t make much sense at all, even back in the dark ages….700 pounds on the bench by a high school, senior, that is unreal…..*****