Right Touch Flooring stacking them up with the High School Baseball/Softball Polls

High School Baseball Poll with the Guilford County Public Schools:(All records based on your current MaxPreps numbers)

1)Southeast Guilford(7-1)
2)Northwest Guilford(10-2)
3)High Point Central(6-2)
4)Northeast Guilford(7-4)
5)Northern Guilford(5-4)
6)Western Guilford(6-4)
10)Southern Guilford(5-4)

*****On the outside looking in:Dudley(3-7), Eastern Guilford(3-6), Southwest Guilford(2-8), High Point Andrews(2-7) and Smith(0-7)….

That is a look at our Baseball Poll for the public schools and we are working on our Softball Poll and our Private School Baseball Poll and they are up now…

Here is our go on the softball throw:(Girls Public School Softball Poll)

1)Southeast Guilford(8-1)
2)Northwest Guilford(6-2)
3)Western Guilford(3-3)
4)Northern Guilford(5-5)
5)Eastern Guilford(5-6)
6)High Point Central(4-4-1)
8)Southwest Guilford(1-2)/Northeast Guilford(1-2)
10)Southern Guilford(2-5)

Boys Private School Baseball Poll:
1)Westchester Country Day(7-1)
3)High Point Christian Academy(7-2)
4)Caldwell Academy(3-4)
5)Vandalia Christian(2-2)
*****On the outside looking in:Greensboro Day School(1-5), Burlington Christian Academy(2-5) and Forsyth Country Day(2-8)….

Just Outside the Area:

1)Western Alamance(9-1)
2)Southern Alamance(8-2)
4)East Forsyth(5-4)
5)Eastern Alamance(5-4)


  1. Not sure how you have Southern Alamance ahead of Williams when Williams beat them this year? Western Alamance is one of the hottest teams in the state right now. Scoring runs in bunches. Beat up on that good lefty from Williams last week which usually doesn’t happen.

  2. I’d put Southern ahead too. The Patriots are deeper than Williams and the first game was a 2-1 decision that could have gone either way.

    You are right though the Warriors are on a tear and have a great lineup. Pitching is the only question mark for them, but has looked pretty solid so far this year.

  3. Funny thing about the NW Guilford win over Ledford in softball last night – terrible weather conditions for any kind of baseball/softball game. Umpires put time limit on the JV game because of the weather. Ledford starting pitcher was injured and on the bench. Can’t really brag much about that win.

  4. Shame that you primarily cover the Guilford County sports teams when several of them are in the Mid Piedmont 3A Conference with teams from Randolph, Forsyth and Davidson counties. That conference will be close in baseball and softball this year.

  5. Hope to be adding our Randolph County area poll next week….We had one last year with

    and we may have had Providence Grove in there and we will be working on that one….Supposed to be seeing Randleman and Wheatmore next week….

  6. It is called “Greensboro Sports.com”…Not NC Preps.com…. Andy has his loyalties to Greensboro/Gutilford co. Now, as things continiue to pick up for him, Im quite sure he will be adding staff that will help him cover Alamance, Randolph, Forsyth Co’s much like u see the coverage for Guilford Co. Just some food for thought! Its in his blood, he will get to it!!

  7. Guess HPCA proved their worth yesterday with the smoking of Westchester. Moving up in the polls!

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