Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Today Scoreboard:WG locks down Third Place in Graham with win over EA/SEG Champs with 4-2 win over WA/EG tops NEG 5-2/Dudley 8, SG 7 Final

Easter Tournament at Southern Guilford
Final:Eastern Guilford 5, Northeast Guilford 2…WP:Andrew Robinson/LP:Caelan Canady
Final:Dudley 8, Southern Guilford 7….Pruitt pitching for Dudley and Mason for SG…HR:(Dudley)Xaiver Burch….Ryan Hedrick with a two-run HR to tie the game for SG in the bottom of the 6th….WP:Gromko/LP:Walden

In the Graham Easter Tournament at the Graham Middle School:
Championship Game
Final:Southeast Guilford 4, Western Alamance 2
SEG Falcons Graham Easter Tournament Champions
WP:Will Greene….Game winning RBI:DJ Artis

End of 6 Innings:SEG 4, Western Alamance 2
Bottom of the 6th Inning RBI single by DJ Artis 3-2 SEG…Cody Ezell single and SEG now leads 4-2…..
End of 5 Innings:Southeast Guilford 2, Western Alamance 2
End of 4 Innings:Southeast Guilford 2, Western Alamance 2
Bottom of the 4th Inning:Double by Carmine Pagano has tied this game at 2-2….SEG 2, WA 2
End of 3 Innings:Western Alamance 2, SEG O
After 2 1/2 Innings:Western Alamance 2, SEG 0
WA scores 2 runs on a dropped third strike with two outs and Brock Deatheridge and Gorham both score for Western Alamance….
End of 2 Innings:Southeast Guilford 0, Western Alamance 0
**SEG left the bases loaded in the bottom of the 2nd….**
End of 1 Inning:Southeast Guilford 9, Western Alamance 0
*Devin Sweet pitching for SEG and Michael Olonoski pitching for WA.*
Already 7 K’s for Devin Sweet(SEG) through 4 innings…….

3rd Place Game
Final:Western Guilford 2, Eastern Alamance 0….Third Place and a quality win in the Graham Easter Tournament for the Western Guiford Hornets and Congrats to Coach Chris Causey and the Hornets….
WP:Adam Foster(Complete Game)/LP:Blake Walters
WG’s Foster pitched 9 innings of shutout baseball in the tourney and struckout EA’s top hitter/plaeyr Zack Littell to end the game. The 2 Western Guilford runs scored today came from Austin Sisbarro and Keith Anderson. Stats courtesay of Hornet Stats…

After 6 Innings:Western Guilford 2, Eastern Alamance 0
After 5 Innings:Western Guilford 1, Eastern Alamance 0
After 4 Innings:Western Guilford 1, Eastern Alamance 0
End of 3 Innings:Western Guilford 1, Eastern Alamance 0
End of 2 Innings:Western Guilford 0, Eastern Alamance 0
End of 1 Inning:Western Guilford 0, Eastern Alamance 0
Pitching in this game we have Adam Foster for WG and Blake Walters for EA….

Dudley hitting from earlier this evening:
2B: K. McAllister, E. Harris
3B: C. Williamson
HR: X. Bircutt
TB: K. McAllister 4, C. Williamson 2, C. Williamson 3, E. Harris 4, X. Bircutt 4, K. Pruitt, T. Gromko
RBI: K. McAllister, C. Williamson, E. Harris 2, X. Bircutt 2, T. Gromko
SAC: X. Bircutt
ROE: R. Powell
GIDP: C. Williamson
SB: E. Harris, A. Tilley 2, T. Majak
CS: T. Majak

Southern Guilford hitting:
2B: R. Hedrick, R. Caveness
HR: R. Hedrick
TB: C. Ball 2, N. Warden, R. Hedrick 6, D. Mason, R. Caveness 4
RBI: C. Ball, R. Hedrick 2, R. Caveness 3
SAC: N. Warden, C. Settlw
SB: R. Hedrick 2, E. Edwards, D. Ford

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  1. Jonathon Cox, Burlington Christian Academy

    Josh Beam, Graham

    Josh Sawyer, Durham School of the Arts

    Seth Elkins, Chatham Central

    Zack Littell, Eastern Alamance

    Blake Walters, Eastern Alamance

    Adam Foster, Western Guilford

    John Iorio, Western Guilford

    Garret Hodge, Western Alamance

    Brock Deatherage, Western Alamance

    Patrick Hinshaw, Western Alamance

    Cody Ezzell, Southeast Guilford

    Josh Blackwell, Southeast Guilford

    Devin Sweet, Southeast Guilford

    Cameron Gardner, Southeast Guilford

    MVP: Carmine Pagano, Southeast Guilford

    Top hitter: Seth Elkins

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