The 911 calls that came in at the time of Ric Flair’s son’s death

All the respect in the world for Ric Flair, especially at a time like this, when his son Reid just died, last Friday….

The calls came in to 911 from the Charlotte hotel where Reid was staying and one was made by the hotel desk clerk and the other was made by Ric Flair…..

Flair was not hysterical, but he was seeking help and he needed it quick….You can listen for yourself when you CLICK HERE…..You sort of feel like you know Ric Flair if you have followed him(his career) for years and you wonder how he or anyone else would react at a time like this and in a situation like this one and you will see and hear when you click above and read below and most observers are very curious about what was happening last Friday morning there in Charlotte, where Reid Flair died and how did he die?

Drugs are a major suspect and you can that drugs were involeved when you
CLICK HERE for more from the Charlotte Observer….Drugs were cited in the police report…..