Spring football game coming up Saturday and Duke Coach Cutcliffe says “This is the best I’ve ever seen”, plus Orange-White Game at Clemson(D.J. Reader)

Duke football coach David Cutcliffe says, “this is the best we’ve ever had at Duke in the spring”…..”We got a good quarterback in Anthony Boone, good RB’s, solid defensive players and more and what’s more, the Blue-White game will be televised on ESPN3 at 4pm”….To read more on what Coach Cutcliffe is saying headed into the ‘Big Game’ on Saturday,

Talked to D.J. Reader’s dad David today, at the Benjamin Parkway Library, and he said D.J.(Grimsley High School) is getting ready for the Clemson Tigers annual Orange-White game this Saturday….D.J. is still playing baseball too and he has been working real hard in the Spring football practices and scrimmages and last week in the end-of-the-week scrimmage, he had two QB sacks, several key tackles/stops and a couple of tackles for a loss….

D.J. has lost 15 more pounds and the coaches still want him to shed 5-10 pounds more, so he can get himself to the optimal playing weight for a defensive lineman/first baseman…..

The young Reader has stayed the course and the grind of playing both sports(football and baseball) in this his freshman year in college and he has seen what it takes time-wise and effort-wise to carry out this type of regime….Can and will he do it again next year, for his sophomore season??? That answer to that is still somewhere in the tea leaves and they make so pretty good iced tea down there in South Carolina……

Big Spring Football Game for D.J. Reader and the Clemson Tigers this Saturday….