Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tonight:SEG, Ragsdale, EG, WG, NG and WA winners

*****Don’t forget our good friends Dean Harrison, Susan Harrison and Alex Harrison, plus you might get lucky and see Kevin Callahan over there and be sure to go by, and check out those Stirrups and more for baseball.*****

Southeast Guilford 1
Southern Alamance 0

WP:Devin Sweet with the Complete Game victory and 16 K’s an he allowed only one SA Patriot hit….Game-winning run by Cam Gardner/Game-winning RBI by DJ Artis….Tyrone Woolard and Josh Blackwell with key hard hits for SEG Falcons…..Jacob Wolfe got the start for SA, but did not take the loss…Very BIG win for SEG Falcons…Congratulations to Southeast Guilford on this win tonight…..
SEG:Ryne Stanley 2-3….Cam Gardner 1-2….DJ Artis 1-2…

Ragsdale 1
Southwest Guilford 0
(10 Innings)
WP:Matt Horkey 10 ip
LP:Zack Saylor 9 2/3 ip
HR:(Ragsdale) Duncan Sparks
*****This is a very BIG win on the part of Ragsdale tonight and very well-played game by SWG at Jamestown vs. the Tigers…Excellent game by both teams, based on what we are seeing in this game re-cap….Good job guys…

Eastern Guilford 10
Burlington Williams 0

WP:Andrew Robinson(6 Innings/0 Runs/5 hits/2BB/5K’s)
LP:Scott Ellington
HR:(EG)Caleb Robinson….EG hitters:Ryan Hackett 2-4/2 Runs/1 RBI….Andrew Robinson 1-3/2 Runs/2 RBI…Caleb Robinson 3-3/2 Runs/5 RBI…Hank Ballard 1-2….Marque Johnson 1-3/RBI/1 Run…..EG-10-8-1…..BW-0-5-0…..

Western Guilford 13
Smith 2
(5 Innings)
WP:Reid Flippin
WG:John Iorio 2-3/Double/RBI…Reid Flippin 1-2…

Northern Guilford 3
Eastern Alamance 2

Nighthawks with a walk off single…..
WP:Hunter Morgan
NG:Kevin Bell 1-4/HR…Brant Williams 1-3/RBI…Bo Brame 2-2…
EG:Blake Walters 2-4/2 RBI

Western Alamance 4
McMichael 3

Michael Olenoski with a HR to win it for the WA Warriors…

Wesleyan 10
Greensboro Day School 4

Bishop McGuinness 4
North Stokes 2


  1. Anything on McMichael-Western Almance or on the Public Schools???

    How about HP Andrews???

  2. Western Alamance 4
    McMichael 3

    Was not there, but I heard Mike Olenoski had a walk off two run home run for the Warriors in the bottom of the seventh.

    Tough for the Phoenix, who keep coming up on the short end of close games.

  3. that Ragsdale – SWG came was just one in another long line of typical rivalry games between these guys.

    Horkey and Saylor both pitched lights out complete extra inning games. Horkey gave up only two hits in 10 innings and Saylor took a one hitter through 2 outs of the tenth before Duncan Sparks hit a walk off home run over the left field wall.

    Not many base runners for either side tonight. SWG center fielder made a ESPN web gem catch laying out at full speed on the warning track to rob Cesar Trejo of an extra base hit that would have scored a run early.

    Best part of the game though was after – Chase Jones was there with his Vs. Cancer charity. Both teams players and coaches stuck around after the game to shave their heads and raise money for cancer research. Ragsdale raised over $7,000 and I think in total it was over $10,000.

    Big crowd, festive atmosphere on a beautiful night saw a great game and saw two rival teams come together for a great cause.

  4. @ Mark – Dido! Both pitchers were exceptional , but both threw too many opinion!

  5. too many pitches – yep probably right but I guarantee you neither pitcher wanted to come out. I doubt either would have come out for another inning but Sparks homer made sure they didn’t have to.

  6. Great game at Ragsdale between two teams that have improved as the season has progressed.
    Saylor and Horkey were outstanding. Ragsdale had 3 baserunners until Sparks HR. Saylor had retired 21 in a row until Sparks caught up with a fastball on the inside half of the plate for his first career varsity HR.
    Horkey was also dominant, allowing 4 baserunners, striking out 16, including striking out the side in the 8th and 9th and stranding a runner on 3rd in the 9th with a K.
    SWG centerfielder Austen Zente made the play of the game in the 3rd. With a man of second after a walk and a WP, Cesar Trejo hit a shot to deep center that Zente caught with a full out dive on the warning track for the third out.
    Great game, great crowd and the Vs.Cancer event aftr the game where the two Varsity and JV teams came together for a great cause was a very meaningful event for a very good cause.

  7. Way too many pitches for young arms. It may be time that high schools adopt and mandate a pitch count limit.

  8. @ JTown- U are exactly right! Win , lose or draw neither pitcher should have gone as long as they did. Winning that game was not that important compared to health and future of their arms. I’m sure they both said they felt good, and with the juices and blood flowing they probably did. Problem is that with all that going on you become oblivious of anything you may feel in the arm/ shoulder. That is where injuries happen, they wont know until the next day. Both of those coaches have been coaching long enough that they know better.Ask yourself- if it was my son would I let him throw 120 to 130 pitches and I gurantee you they would say no. The coach has to be the big guy and say your done- were doing to turn it over to xyz to finish it. Where r the parents? Your child is not property of the school. You have every right to cut them off on the mound. Somebody is going to have to put a stop to this at some point and time, before we read about another player having Tommy John.

  9. You people that are getting on here and talking junk about these two coaches… have no idea what kind of men these two guys are! They are probably the most respected high school baseball coaches in the area! Reid Holmes and Donnie Maness will never have any kind of malicious intent to damage any young man’s future. Matt Horkey and Zach Saylor both pitched “epically”…..and most of their innings Friday night were 15 or less….some being 7-8 pitches so when you talk about pitch counts and the such just remember that pitching is about efficiency. And these two young men displayed this HEROICALLY friday night…..And btw, my mama and daddy said nothing about pitch count when I was an 18 year old freshman in college pitching my heart out into the 10th inning going to war for the other 24 guys in my dugout….they patted me on the back and said “helluva effort son!”

  10. I have got to agree with “clueless”: I get so tired of people who get on here and hide behind anonymous names and criticize. There are a lot of things that enter into how long a pitcher throws besides “pitch count”. You have to take into consideration the pitchers conditioning, arm strength, last time pitched, when will they next pitch, etc., etc.
    Not right to just come on here and criticize. Doc is certainly entitled to his opinion and I respect that. Just don’t come on here and jump on coaches, parents and everyone else.

  11. Horkey threw 126. Pretty low pitch count for 10 innings. I will not debate whether that is too many. That’s not my fight. I will say both pitchers were growing well late in the game. I think the comment that the coaches did not care about the kids health is unfair. Neither one of those coaches would do anything to intentionally put a kid in harms way.

    Injuries don’t come from one pitch. Arm injuries usually come over a much longer span and from wear and tear. The tendons and ligaments become frayed after years of continous use. for some kids that day comes sooner than others. all the training in the world doesnt overcome genetics. And that opinion comes from local doctors that perform the surgeries to repair the young arms. Dr. James Andrews out of Alabama, who invented the famous Tommy John surgery says that the issue today isn’t so much curve balls and pitch counts but that the issue is kids playing almost year round. Those arms never get a rest. Some of these kids pitch for their school, then in summer circuits, and then a fall season. thats a bunch of baseball and especially tough for pitchers. Some kids have the arm and body to go deeper in a game than others. One players pitch count may be different than someone else.

    There is no doubt that neither one of those boys wanted to come out of that game. The environment was electric. The stands were full and it was the kind of game the boys dreamed of playing in when they first started playing the game. Both teams played a clean game and the sportsmanship from both teams was what we would all hope for in hs sports.

    It’s interesting to read the comments here of people who never played the game or pitched themselves or even had kids that played at this level, yet they have all the answers. Ultimately it is up to the kid and the parents to be responsible for the kids interests.

  12. @ absolutely clueless, your name is perfect. You are absolutely clueless. 126 pitches in 10 in innings is still 126 pitches. Being efficient has nothing to do with it. It is 126 pitches. Yes, both coaches are great guys and good men. But reality is in the heat of the game they want to win. SW is inferior this year and was desperate for a win and Ragsdale could pull away with a win. Bottom line is both pitchers threw fantastic games and both were in way too long. And congratulations on your incredible freshman year of college in that one game you mentioned. You were not in a war “son”.

  13. When I was in hs I once threw 12 innings in one game to get a win…….never once was I or my dad for that matter worried about pitch count…..I just wanted to win. But what do I know? I just pitched in college and professionally. Great job to the young men who pitched last night. You were both awesome.

  14. Good evening,
    I know there are a lot people that look at the web site and there are a lot of people that make comments. There are a lot of great comments, remarks, suggestions posted on this site. The biggest problem with this web site is that if people put anything on this web site they should be required to post with their real name and not hide behind a nick name. I am a parent of a HS varsity player and when he is on the hill his mother and I are always counting pitches inning by inning and we communicate with the coach after every inning. We as parents decide when enough is enough on pitch count and we discuss it with our son and the coach. I agree that sometimes the pitch count goes farther than it should be but not out of control and there are a lot of factors that are involved.
    1. How the player feels. 2. What the weather conditions are at the time. 3. What the pitch count is per inning? 4. What kind of condition that the player is in and what his career history has been on pitching and if the player has built his endurance up to pitching a complete game or into extra innings. 5. Distance between outing and how many pitches were thrown in the previous outing. 6. How a player treats his arm after each outing, some run and some ice their arms. 7. How the player trains and conditions with proper techniques to perform when he is called on to pitch.
    I am not a doctor or a professional pitching coach but I am a parent that has spent countless hours teaching, coaching and getting professional instructions from the people that are in the business of teaching the proper techniques of the game of baseball. I agree with that there are some coach’s do not care about a players arm and winning is all it is about. I have seen coaches over use players arm either by pitching too innings or not enough down time between games.
    There are a lot of coaches in the triad that does care and coach as responsible leaders and would never intend to injury a player by over use. Each and every player is different and has to be treated differently. Inclosing, I hope in the near future that will change the process for people that want to post what they want to say by using their real name on each post. Thank you GSO Sports for what you do for the local coaches, athletes and organizations. There is more positive information than negative. Inclosing, I hope that new rules will be put in place in the near future for the process of posting on this site.

  15. If I put my real name on any forums, all anyone has to do is look my address up in the phone book. I don’t want some idiot to vandalize my house or worse. I’m don’t call it hiding behind a nickname. I call it protecting my family.

  16. If you have a problem you need to go see the coach…Both Coach Holmes and Coach Maness are two of of the best coaches around and they know what they are doing….

    There is no way to change anything that deals with the game here….

    Have some guts and go see the coach and these kids are not supposed to be doing this for themselves, this is supposed to be for the team….

    Last night everybody was talking about what a great game it was and why not leave it at that….

    For the most part the game is gone now anyway and you have to start getting ready for the next game…..

    Good job Tigers and good job Cowboys….As was said back on Friday, great game in Jamestown last night and we need to be dwelling on the positives, too many negatives going around….

  17. I totally agree with Really.. It appears that Clueless may be on the ” staff” of one of these programs as he was extremely defensive and stated coaches/ pitchers by name! With all the arm injuries in this conference alone, high school coaches are about winning at all cost and not what’s best for a Teenage(not college) arm..

  18. I bet you also would have been state champs if coach put you in back in your hayday. You sound like such a bulldog.

  19. Time for everyone to give this one a rest and get some rest and then you can get it going again next week….

    All of you have games on Tuesday and that should be the focus now…

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