Game Reports and Updates on High Point Andrews Baseball

High Point Andrews lost to Wheatmore 18-10 played well, it Was 11-8 going into 6th . Then Wheatmore scored 7 in top of 7th. HPA scored 2 in their half. Leading hitters Nick Chadmon 2-4, 2runs scored, 2 rbi’s, 1 stolen base. Justin Lea 2-5, 2 stolen bases. Bailey Willis 1-4 , 2 rbi’s. This game was Tuesday.

Thursday HP Andrews played WS Atkins, a very disappointing loss, 10-8. HPA stole 17 bases and only scored 8 runs. The kids won’t swing the bat, its like they look at the ball more than using the bat. We don’t understand why they won’t swing the bat. HPA has 3 players that swing the bat the others would rather try to walk. Leading hitters Nick Chadmon 2-4, 2runs scored, 2 sb. He has 19 stolen bases this year, and kid is very good. Batting 500 in conference leading in stolen bases and in top 5 categories in all others. Justin Lea 2-4, 3 sb. He also has 19 stolen bases.

As a team HPA has stolen 90 bases but they can’t score from third. A team that can run, but a team that needs to score….

Courtesy of High Point Andews baseball coach Randy Norris….