Hitting the slats with some daily stats and what’s coming off of the bats

Just a few numbers and we couldn’t find many and could use a few more to go with these….
Didn’t have many of the numbers at the high school sites, but here are some we have found so far and send us more….A few college numbers that we could grab quickly are up here too…

High School
John Iorio(Western Guilford) .463/12 SB/9 Doubles/18 RBI/17 Runs
Chase Williamson(Dudley) .452/7 RBI
Caleb Robinson(Eastern Guilford) .446/11 Doubles/26 RBI
Andrew Robinson(Eastern Guilford) .420/13 RBI
Nick Chadmon(High Point Andrews) .400
Ryan Hackett(Eastern Guilford) .362/16 BB’s
Jake Simpson (Grimsley) .326
Luke Robinson(Eastern Guilford) .312/16 RBI’s/17 BB’s

Marque Johnson(Eastern Guilford) 3 Home Runs
Caleb Robinson(Eastern Guilford) 2 Home Runs

These guys have at least one Home Run each:Duncan Sparks(Ragsdale), Jackson Bellenkes(NWG), Jesse Juday(NWG), Greyson Evans(NWG), Xavier Burch(Dudley), Tahjer Rankin(Dudley), KJ McCallister(Dudley), Bump Martin(McMichael), Cole Leonard(Grimsley), Taylor Irvin(Grimsley), Nick Chadmon(HP Andrews), Johnny Rollins(Wesleyan). John Iorio(Western Guilford) Luke Robinson(Western Guilford) Kevin Bell(Northern Guilford)
*****Just a few to get us going and if you have more send in….*****Got these from the team sites at MaxPreps.com…

Jaylin Davis(NEG/Appalachian) .331/3 HR’s/28 RBI/23 Runs/11 Doubles/3 Triples/33 games/32 starts
Game Dimock(Grimsley/APP) .330/4 Doubles/11 games
Justin Reece(SEG)/Army) .300/Double/6 RBI/14 games/10 starts
Blake Butler(SEG/College of Charleston) .281/6 Doubles/2 Triples/8 RBI/35 games/33 starts
Alex Swim(NWG/Elon) .253/6 Doubles/3 Triples/28 RBI/39 games/39 starts
Josh Tobias(SEG/Florida) .233/2 HR/10 RBI

Brock Hudgens(SWG/Charlotte) 3.27 ERA/3-0/41 1/3 Innings/18 BB’s/42 K’s/20 Runs/37 Hits/10 Games/7 Starts….
Keaton Haack(NWG/Alabama) 2.57 ERA/0-1/1 SV/28 Innings/20 BB’s/23 K’s/14 Games
Luis Paula(NEG/North Carolina) 8.59 ERA/7 1/3 Innings/1 SV/10 BB’s/6 K’s/9 Games