Results from Saturday’s Bob Doss Memorial Classic at Stoner-White Stadium:WA, Page and Dudley Winners

Final from the Bob Doss at Stoner-White Stadium:
Page 6, Morehead 1
Western Alamance 11, Grimsley 0

Dudley 10
Durham Hillside 0
(5 Innings)
WP:Pella Stokes
0 1 3 Durham Hillside
10 8 1 Dudley….Dudley scored 8 runs in the first inning to run away with this game…

Dudley Batting:
2B: C. Williamson, K. Pruitt
TB: K. McAllister, C. Williamson 2, K. Pruitt 2, T. Majak, P. Stokes, R. Powell 2, K. Murphy
RBI: E. Harris, K. Pruitt, T. Majak 2, R. Powell 2
ROE: T. Majak, R. Powell
FC: E. Harris
HBP: C. Williamson
SB: K. McAllister, C. Williamson, C. Williamson, T. Majak 3, D. Norcott, S. Dountin, K. Murphy
CS: P. Stokes
PO: T. Majak