Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference Standings(Baseball) and upcoming games this week

(Courtesy of Mike Ellis from the Jamestown News)


1 NW Guilford 9 – 2 0.818 –

2 HP Central 7 – 3 0.700 1 1/2

3 Ragsdale 6 – 4 0.600 2 1/2

4 East Forsyth 5 – 5 0.500 3 1/2

5 SW Guilford 5 – 5 0.500 3 1/2

6 Glenn 4 – 6 0.400 4 1/2

7 Parkland 0- 11 0.000 9

Tue, 4/23
NW Guilford @ East Forsyth
Glenn @ Ragsdale
SW Guilford @ HP Central

Fri, 4/26
Glenn @ East Forsyth
Ragsdale @ HP Central
SW Guilford @ Parkland


  1. When conferences realign…..take out 0-11 Parkland, who is perenially in the cellar….you have the most competitive baseball in all of North Carolina….for all of you that jump to conclusions….I didn’t say the best…..I said the most competitive!!!!

  2. Agree. Very competitive conference. Other than Parkland, no easy nights. Next year Parkland drops out and only 6 teams in the conference meaning only 10 conference games. Some discussion of playing each other 3 times. Very good idea. Better games for everyone, makes each team use more pitching, and gives you a more definitive result as to who should advance to the playoffs.

  3. And the fight continues. Ragsdale takes care of business beating Glenn 10-0. Then southwest finds a way to beat HPC. no quit in that SWG team. And to top it off East Forsyth finds a way to beat NWG. Fight to the end. Conference tourney should be another fight. Winning the conference tourney can get you a spot in the playoffs if you dont have one already.

  4. Northwest is the outright 1…..then you have HPC and Ragsdale for 2nd on Friday night at HPC…..loser becomes entrenched in 3 way tie for 3rd with SWG and EF…..then to break that tie you look head to head between those 3. Quite a finish if you ask me….SWG split with both EF and HPC making them 2-2….HPC swept EF giving them 3-1….and EF would be 1-3 in that scenario. Now if its 3 way tie between Ragsdale, EF, and SWG….SWG would be 1-3….Ragsdale would be 3-1 and EF would be 2-2. Makes a legitimate argument for that 3 game format in coming years in order to break these ties……

  5. Well one thing for sure – everybody but East Forsyth will be rooting for Glenn Friday night. If east loses they get knocked down to fifth place and then you would be looking at either Central and SWG tied for third or Ragsdale snd SWG tied and ragsdale wins that tie-breaker.

    Depending on how they would break a three way tie it sounds like Ragsdale can’t do any worse than third.

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