Game Report on High Point Andrews-Winston-Salem Carver Baseball from Tuesday night

High Point Andews won 16-5 at WS Carver on Tuesday. If HPA wins their first round tournament game they get the 4th spot in the conference. That would put the Red Raiders in playoffs for first time in 18 years.….HUGE play/Very Big play there….

Big game yesterday they had a track meet. HPA stole 29-31 bases.

Leading hitters Qualin Price 3-3/3 runs scored/4 rbi’s/5 SB….. He also got the win on the mound giving up 7 hits/struck out 14 batters. Justin Lea 2-3/4runs scored/6 sb/3 rbi’s. Damarius Crawford 1-1/3 runs scored/7 sb ‘s/3 walks. Nick Chadmon 1-3/2sb ‘s. Randy Norris 1-4/3 rbi’s/1 sb. Davon Underwood 2-3/2 sb ‘s. Christian Wilcots 4 sb ‘s. Codes Jones 1-2/2 runs scored/2 rbi’s…. Blake Compton 1-4/2 sb.

Coach’s thoughts:
“I know our record doesn’t show it but we have a tough schedule and we will play whoever. The kids are working hard and we come to play every game. If my kids can get the mental part of baseball we can really be good. We are getting there and the kids are starting to get it. If they didn’t play other sports it could be better, but they are athletes and other sports are important as well.”
*****Some very good thoughts and info from HP Andrews baseball coach Randy Norris.*****

Game Report Courtesy of Coach Randy Norris, High Point Andrews Baseball….


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