Updated Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference Standings(Baseball) and remaining games this week

(Courtesy of Mike Ellis from the Jamestown News)


1 NW Guilford 9 – 3
2 HP Central 7 – 4
2 Ragsdale 7 – 4
4 East Forsyth 6 – 5
4 SW Guilford 6 – 5
6 Glenn 4 – 7
7 Parkland 0- 11

Fri, 4/26
Glenn @ East Forsyth
Ragsdale @ HP Central
SW Guilford @ Parkland


  1. SW Guilford needs Ragsdale to win or Glenn to win to get in playoffs. HPC could fall to 5th if they lose, with a East win and a Ragsdale and SW win!

  2. For thought:
    Conference tourny winner (if other than #1 or #2 regular season) becomes #2 for playoffs……………… you never know……

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