Guilford College Quakers speak out on behalf of the baseball program and Coach Nick Black

I am not an alum so I can not speak of the past, but I do have a son in his first year on the baseball team. I attended a majority of the games. What I saw was a lack of player execution. A well executed bunt here or a 2 out hit there and we would be in the tourney. Not coach’s fault. You ask why we aren,t in with all this talent. Ask yourself who brought this talent to Guilford. Coach Black. The only way I see coach could be to blame is if he asked the kids to do something they were not capable of. I don’t see that as a problem with the talent we have. I dont know coach other than the couple of times we talked concerning my son. I will say this Coach Black took a chance on my son when others would not. And coach was rewarded with my sons best year yet. Takes a good coach to get the best out of a kid.For those of you hiding behind your screen name I ask you 2 questions. If you can’t answer them and give me reasons why he should be fired then maybe you don’t know as much as you think. 1.) Tell me who should have been playing that wasn’t and be prepared to back up your answer. 2.) Tell me one coaching decision that was made that cost us one game. Did he call a play that didn’t work? Sure he did but ask yourself why? Player execution maybe? If you can’t answer them then maybe you should not spend your time on baseball decisions. It’s easy to say fire someone when you hide behind a screen name.

Bryan Wallace

I think I speak for the rest of our team that bought into the concept we had for our team this year and that was attitude and effort. Coach Black is just that, a coach. He puts a team of 9 guys out there that he thinks will be the best to win games. After that it is all up to us, the players. No we didn’t have the best year or the year that we thought we would have, but when the year got tough we didn’t give up or quit. We won the last 5 conference games of the year which were all must win games for us to have a chance to get to the tourney, but I’m sure all of you forgot about that. Ultimately yes all the blame comes down on a coach from yall’s standpoint, but to any true ball player the blame should be placed on us. We didn’t execute in situations that we should of, we made the errors, we played the games, we won and we lost, not our coaches. Coach Black is not a huge up in your face guy and that is how he coaches, he wants it just as bad as we do because he is there with us day in and day out practicing and playing games, not yall. I think coach Black is a hell of a coach and he knows how to get the most out of a player, bottom line is the blame should fall upon us as players. The coaches put us out on the field, after that there is nothing they can do at all. The outcome is decided by us as players. I am extremely proud of how our team battled and competed all year long when we didn’t catch a single break until what seemed like the last week of the season. Coach Black would do anything for anyone of us as players and has taught me so much on and off the field, he has prepared me to go out everyday and play baseball but also to deal with adversity that will arise up in life. You have your opinion and I understand that, but don’t place the blame of a losing season on a coach. It should go on us as players who didn’t execute day in and day out to win games when we had the chance. Finally I just want to say that again I feel, as I’m sure the rest of my team does, that coach Black is a great coach who does so much more than get us ready for baseball games. He gets us ready for life after baseball, which will come one day for every one of us. Also if your going to talk bad about someone be man enough to sign your name to it and don’t hide behind a screen name and rub a mans name in the dirt who had done so much in just the last four years to bring this program up from the ground. Coach Black, thank you so much for everything you have done for me.

– Jordan Slate, 1B Senior Co-Team Captain


  1. Did I miss something? Is Nick no longer there? He has done a great job at Guilford and not only is a good coach, but an eve better person. Anyone speaking out against him clearly knows little if anything about him.

  2. Coach Black still with the Quakers and many are coming out to support him, after a very tough close to the Gulford season, with the Quakers failing to make the ODAC Conference Tournament and therefore their season ended abruptly….

  3. Nick Black does an outstanding job at Guilford College, not only is he a quality baseball coach, he is an even better human being who cares about his players and their futures. I personally know better than anyone, I was the pitching coach at Guilford College for two years and worked for Coach Black. Guilford College is lucky to have him leading the baseball program and taking care of those student athletes on and off the field. Chris Johnson Athletic Director Rockingham Community College

  4. Sounds like some rumbling at Guilford, guys you know how it is these days everybody wants to win, just saying, but what do I know.

  5. A bunt or hit away from making playoffs, yeah right, getting swept in several series is not a bunt or hit away, not sure what games Wallace was watching,one of the problems is there is no sence of urgency on the leaders part.Not going down to last series of the season is almost making it, if a player is not making plays and not executing he needs to be replaced or at least put someone else in to try,if the coach gave your son a chance then good for you and him, I’m not here to talk about the players just that guilford needs to win, and win now, not be a 500 or below ball club for most of year,So if he can bring in the talent then he needs to learn how to use it, this is my opinion.i guess we will see what the next season brings,a lot of key players are gone, so we will see what happens.

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