Craig Jacobelli(SEG) doing well for N.C. State club baseball team

Check out these numbers on Craig Jacobelli, he’s looking pretty good for the N.C. State club baseball team, and the freshman from SEG, is currently the top pitcher on the team….Coach Avent needs to give this kid a look…..The numbers don’t lie and they look reall good….

Craig Jacobelli(Southeast Guilford HS) (3-0)/0.90 ERA/4 Games/4 Starts/20.0 Innings/9 Hits/6 Runs/2 Earned Runs/9 BB’s/23 K’s….


  1. a shame that this kid is wasting time on a club team. have you ever seen a club team? not even good high school baseball there. he should have at least explored junior college or something if he really wanted to play.

  2. its a club team if he wanted to play else where i am sure he could have went that route. nc state is number 5 in the country and this is a top level team. nc state is not division 3. you just dont walk out there and say hey here i am.take what they give if you dont like it of course you dont have to stay. remember mom and dad cant help you play in college it aint high school people.

  3. I know for a fact that Craig had chances to play at other places but he has hit heart set on being an engineer and going to the best school in the country. I admire a kid that knows what he wants but still keeps playing the game he loves. I’m happy and proud of ya kid!

  4. NC State is #5 in the country. The NC State club team has NOTHING to do with them. They are 2 different teams. A club team is less than a D3 team. Club teams are glorified intramurals. My point is this kid is better than wasting time on a club team. If he really wanted to play, then he could have gone to a community college and taken pre-engineering (if that’s what he wanted to do) and see where that could have led him. Yes, community college baseball is WAY better than club baseball or D3 baseball.

  5. I guess YOU missed my point…let me recap- jacobelli is a very good player (we all agree on that). He is playing on a club team (which is basically intramurals) at NC State. It’s great that he followed his career path to be an engineer- no problem with that. I just don’t understand why anyone would make a big deal over how well ANY kid is doing for a club/intramural team. Hell, I scored 10 points in an intramural basketball game, but it was hardly a headline. IF the kid really was dedicated to PLAYING THE SPORT IN COLLEGE, then my point was there were options for him to do so AND still follow his career path. He chose not to and that’s no big deal…just don’t laud him for dominating a bunch of never-will-be players in the club league.

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