Hard Times:Rhinoceros Times GONE!

I used to jog by the Rhinoceros Club and pick up a copy of the Rhinoceros Times every Thursday night, back in the early 90’s and back in those days all it was, was a few pieces of paper stapled together with the name, Rhinoceros Times, at the top, for their heading…I would always try and grab a few extra copies and pass them around to people, since most of the city had never heard of this political/community publication…Gave a copy to Dusty Dunn over at WKEW 1400AM radio and then later he started having John Hammer on his talk show on Friday mornings….I was just thinking about this the other day and noting how the key Rhino political players were not around, or not heavy in politics any more, including Robert Moores, Steve Arnold, Walt Cockerham, Skip Alston and others….That can kill your buzz as quick as anything can….The Rhinoceros Times is GONE!!!

Check out below and can the spin from the WS Journal on the loss of the Rhino Times…

from www.journalnow.com:(Winston-Salem Journal on-line)

GREENSBORO — The Rhinoceros Times announced Tuesday(TODAY) that it would no longer publish a newspaper, citing financial problems.

In an article published on its website, publisher John Hammer said the Sunday, April 28, edition of The Rhinoceros Times would be the last, saying the weekly is “hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.”

The Rhinoceros Times, which has published for 21 years, has run out of money, Hammer said.

CLICK HERE for the News and Record link on The Rhino closing….

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  1. Thank GOD that paper is out of business and I hope their website goes down with it. The people at that paper were mean spirited and just on the wrong side of some big issues. It was nothing but a mouth piece for one side of government. I am sure Rush will cry a few tears over this business failing but I am rejoicing all week. I hope every other such one side and only cares about a small piece of the communtiy papers die along with the junk known as “The Rhinoceros Times”.

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