High School Baseball teams that are heading to the playoffs

The easiest to approach this to list the teams who will not be going to the playoffs and their seasons are done/over…

Done are Smith, Dudley and Grimsley…..In the playoffs are Southeast Guilford, Page, Western Guilford, Northwest Guilford, High Point Central, Ragsdale, Northeast Guilford, Southern Guilford, Northern Guilford, Eastern Guilford, High Point Andrews and I’m thinking that Southwest Guilford will be in too…

King of dicey for SWG as the #5 team from the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference and that conference going into the conference tournament had
#1 Northwest Guilford
#2 High Point Central
#3 Ragsdale
#4 East Forsyth
#5 Southwest Guilford
#6 Glenn…..
And it should be that all 6 should get in, but something will have to give when they start sorting out the teams and we will no more after the NWG-Glenn Championship Game on Monday night…..You just got to get SWG and Glenn in there somewhere…They both have very good teams, that are playing their best ball at this stage of the season….

Metro 4-A
#1 Southeast Guilford
#2 Southern Alamance
#3 Page
#4 Western Guilford….Could be some change at the very top depending on what happens with SEG-SA in the final on Monday night…..

Mid-State 3-A
#1 Western Alamance
#2 Northern Guilford
#3 Eastern Alamance
#4 Eastern Guilford……And it will probably work out that Eastern Alamance will move ahead of Northern Guilford and take that #2 spot since the EA Eagles won the Tournament…

Mid-Piedont 3-A
#1 Asheboro
#2 Northeast Guilford
#3 Southern Guilford
#4 Ledford

PAC 6 2-A
#1 Randleman
#2 Trinity
#3 Wheatmore
#4 High Point Andrews(In for the first time in 15 years)…..Randleman moved up to #1 after winning the Conference Tournament….Was a three-way tie with Randleman, Trinity and Wheatmore going into the tourney…


  1. In the piedmont Triad 4A you have to finish in the top 4 to get into playoffs, so with SWG loosing and not wining tourney they are out, and if Glenn pulls off the upset when they Play NWG that will also bump East Forysth out and Glenn in and Drop HPC down where they would most likely start playoffs on road instead of hosting.This is unless rules have changed and you know since Obama is Pres he may have had a say so in this and done so.

  2. That makes for a real tough ending for Southwest Guilford and they really finished the year strong….Good job Cowboys and you guys battled and where is the wild card when you need one???

  3. The 4A west gets 1 wild card. I believe that is 5 or 6 conferences. Wild card is determined on overall winning percentage on your overall record. That means teams that are in weaker conferences and plays a weaker non conference schedule will be the one getting in. Leaving SW and Glenn out. Unless Glenn beats NW. If they get that game in.
    This is what I have been able to determine reading the nchsaa website.

  4. At what point will Southeast and Southern Alamance decide not to play the championship game? Looking at the forecast, Thursday looks like the 1st opportunity to get it in. The opening round of the playoffs is Friday. That’s too close to be using your pitchers up. Especially since SE is #1 and SA is #2.

  5. Good point Hornet but don’t you know the competitor in both would just die not to settle who really was number 1 in the Metro?

    They split this season so no clear Metro Champion can be crowned based on the games played unless you did something screwy like runs for or against. A coin flip would just not settle this feud. They need to get a few of those Nascar track driers on the field and get this one in!!

  6. In the Metro, it would be nice to decide it, but nothing changes for the State seedlings. If cant get it in until Wed or Thur, almost better to not play. Both teams would like to make a long run in playoffs and better to set up your rotation for States than play a game for bragging rights.

    Piedmont Triad is the more interesting dilemma. Game means everything to Glenn. In with a win, out with a loss. Huge for East Forsyth too. They are out with a Glenn win. Means nothing for Northwest other than bragging rights. Stay tuned for updated weather forecasts. It has been a difficult Spring weather wise.

  7. Glenn is in a bad spot. With rain today & tomorrow, the PTC tourney final most likely will not be played. Can’t complain too much though cause the Cats put themselves in this position. Should the conference look at playing the semis on Thursday instead of Friday to give another day of cushion?

  8. Bad Luck what have you been smoking! If there is a game to be played NW will be there I’m sure. If I were EF team I would accedently turn the sprinkler system on Tuesday so the field is unplayable. Do whatever I could to make sure I am in the playoffs. We earned it during the regular season why should Glenn possibly win two games and be in the playoffs and it knock us out. Doesn’t make sense like Cat Booster stated.

  9. Pretty sure Northwest is not concerned about whether Glenn ot East make the state playoffs. If a field is playable, Northwest will play because they want to win the conference tourney championship. As for East, they deserve a playoff spot, but the tourney champ always goes to the playoffs. It’s what’s so great about the conference tourney, it gives every team one last chance. Even risking their playoff spot, East will get their field playable if possible, and if they can’t, the game does not have to played at East!

  10. Why on earth would NW forfeit the conference championship game when they swept Glenn in the regular season? Also as far as the field goes.. if the game is not played at East Forsyth then it should at the very least be played at the higher seed (NWG) or at another neutral site.

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