Former Greensboro Hornets Baseball Player Otis Nixon arrested this past weekend

Former Greensboro Hornets baseball player Otis Nixon was arrested this past weekend down in Georgia, when authorities pulled him over, as his car/truck was weaving while he was driving down the road, near Atlanta…

The police report says deputies found a pipe to smoke crack cocaine in Nixon’s pocket and another in the car. They also found several suspected crack rocks.

Nixon was one of the top base stealers in Major League Baseball hitory and he had a great career when he was part of the New York Yankees farm team, the old Greensboro Hornets back in the early 80’s, along with Don Mattingly, Greg Gange, Matt Winters, Jeff Reynolds and others back in the day….

Nixon made one of the greatest catches in Atlanta Braves history, while he was playing center field for the Braves back in the 90’s…..Nixon was one of the fastest players to ever play the game of baseball and he did have his drug problems, but recently he had gone into the ministry and many thought he had turned his life around, but it does appear that the drugs are back and looks like crack, to be exact….

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