High School Baseball Playoff Projections/Predictions for Round One on Friday night

We are starting to see a lot of these baseball projections/predictions showing up and over at NCPreps.com they have some of the 4-A’s broken down and so far they have a few of our area teams going head-tp-head in the opening round of the playoffs including:
Page vs. High Point Central
Southern Alamance vs. Ragsdale
Western Guilford vs. West Forsyth and
Southeast Guilford vs. WS Reagan….
HP Central, SA, WF and SEG would all be the home teams….The predictions and projections are coming in from Hon Dines and Don Hines over at NCPreps.com and they have all of the 4-A’s broken down with their Hon and Don’s game projections and you can check them out when you

****We haven’t followed NCPreps very much for baseaball, but they are really on to the football and they give high school basketball good props too, so it is interesting to see their baseball calls……*****

2 thoughts on “High School Baseball Playoff Projections/Predictions for Round One on Friday night”

  1. Basically what they is based off the nchsaa brackets

    1sw vs 4pt.          S Meck? Vs EForsyth
    2cp vs 3sw.         N DavidsonVs Providence

    1met vs 4cp.        SE Guilf vs Reagan
    2pt vs 3met.         HPCentral vs Page

    1pt vs 4sw.           NW Guilford vs Myers Park?
    2 metro vs 3 pt.     S Alam vs Ragsdale

    1cp vs 4met.       West Forsyth  vs W Guilford
    2w vs 3cp.           Ardrey kell Vs Davie

  2. Northwest Guilford VS Glenn for the PTC tourney final is on for now at 5:30 PM at East Forsyth. If they get the game in and Glenn pulls off the upset, Glenn becomes the # 2 seed, Central gets pushed down to # 3 and Ragsdale to # 4. East Forsyth would get bumped out of the playoffs entirely. If the game gets rained out or if Glenn loses, the seeds stay the same as they are now.

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