Which is more important, the Regular Season Title or the Conference Tournament Title:Are the Conference Tournaments a waste of time???

They are having trouble getting all of the conference tournaments completed, with the weather bearing down this week and to just put it out there, “Are the Conference Tournaments a Waste of Time?”….

Which is more important, the Conference Tournament Title or the Regular Season Title and we are talking about the high school baseball and softball programs, here within this topic???

The tournaments may allow another team or two to get into the playoffs, but most of the ‘hay is in the barn’ and the playoff seedings have been decided, even the Conference Tournaments get started….Langston Wertz Jr. of the Charlotte Observer has put together a post on this, at the CharlotteObserver.com….

Here is what Wertz is saying at www.charlotteobserver.com:

For me, the “true” champion is the regular-season champion, the group that beat more conference opponents than everybody else. That team has been the best in the conference for the entire season, which runs over the course of several months.
By contrast, you can get hot for one week and sneak away with the league tournament championship. In the tournament, you can also avoid a team that you couldn’t handle in the regular-season.

Read more/read all, when you CLICK HERE and what do you say or think on this one?


  1. I prefer a 3 game series with each conference opponent similar to what some private schools do currently. Play the 3 games over a 5 day period. Gives you a better feel for which team has more depth. Usually by that 3rd game you’ll know who the better team is. Forces coaches to use more pitching and develop more players. Can’t ride 1-2 guys on the mound like so many coaches do.

  2. @another view I like the way you are thinking.That is why 16-17 year old kids are having Tommy John now. Coaches are more on winning then developing these kids to get them to the next level.

  3. Take the top four teams from the conference, play it over two days with Friday and Saturday and be done with it.

    If they did that this year they wouldn’t be having the troubles that they are facing now.

  4. I think the Regular Season. Not sure of the purpose of the Conference Tournaments. Playing a full season has more meaning.

    Would almost rather see them add a third game against Conference members and eliminate the tournament. Play the first two Conference games in the same week, playing the same team home and home; then the 3rd Conf games are all scheduled over the last two weeks of the regular season.

  5. It is like asking is the ACC Tournament necessary or not. It is fun, it is exciting, and a team that gets hot might sneak away with a playoff berth.

    Start them earlier or play them on the weekend so you have some cushion although this whole season has been very strange weatherwise.

  6. I agree with Gfan, however I think that if Southern Alamance were to beat Southeast in the tourney, they should move to #1 since they tied for 1st in the regular season. That way it would be settled on the field and not by flip of the coin or drawing of straws.

  7. Glenn says the conference tournament and East Forsyth says regular season.

  8. Eddie, talk to me Friday night. Credit goes to the Glenn coach. He earns his money.

  9. The title of the thread was, “Which is more important….?”—my point is that Two teams who were most impacted by the tournament will give you a different answer. I agree that the Glenn coach does a great job! And I will say it agann and agann, he is a positive guy who influences his players in a positive way , unlike many others. There, I’ve said it agann.

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