We have had the Regular Season, the Conference Tournaments, the Polls, the Brackets for NCHSAA Tournaments and now what?(What about the Player/Players of the Year?)

Players of the Year in Baseball and Softball, we have to start thinking about those???

We have had names in the past to look at like Jaylin Davis, Dallas Newton, Matt Orth, Corey Kimber, Keaton Haack and others and just thinking back, that is a pretty good group right there and there have been more…..Nick Monore last year, Nic Mancuso, Richie Sanfillipo, and Mo, wait that was Orth’s name and on we go….WCD, WES and HPCA had some big names in here last year and we the Morgan Colemans, Haley Greens, Celeste Sheppards, Kara Shutts and others….

Last year we even opened this thing up to the Coaches of the Year…..This time we may have to look at men like Nat Norris, who is taking his High Point Andrews Red Raiders baseball team to the playoffs for the first time in 15 years…..Coach Reid Holmes really turned it around with his SWG Cowboys late in the year, Coach Morgan at High Point Central has made the Bison a program that you must pay close attention to and the coach of the Glenn Bobcats, Coach Fowler, I think it is, they really came on to close out the year….

How about Coach Jay White down at Eastern Guilford??? The Wildcats have been winning and with the Robison Brothers, Hackett, Johnson, Ballard and others they are playing some real good ball this season….

For the girls softball you don’t have to look far, but you do have to look closely at Celeste Sheppard and Kara Shutt, at Southeast Guilford….They are two of the best in the state, while Briana Webb and Emma Strouth are not far behind….It will be a close play at the plate, when you start breaking down Shutt and Sheppard, both fantastic Falcons….

On the boys side, let’s give out a strong Independent Schools ‘shout out’ to Weston Wilson(WES), before we forget it and he is as good as anybody around and the Tyler Marion kid at WCD is another on the TOPS LIST….

Outside our area, there has to talk about Zack Littell(Eastern Alamance) and Brock/Blake Deatheridge(Western Alamance) and the Blake Walters kid(Eastern Alamance), Alan Sharpe(Burlington Williams), all of these kids have to be getting some pops on the TOPS LIST and the Cy Fogleman, Alex Hodges and Mason Striplin trio at Glenn, is not too shabby either….

While we are throwing the names out there and we will look to make this all come down right toward the end of the NCHSAA playoffs and still soon enough to get it all done before school lets out, we have to get our home boys from Guilford Country in here….

Who could it/will it be now??? Somebody is knocking at the door and is it/will it be:
*****Do you go with a pitcher as the ‘Player of the Year’ or do you lean toward an everyday player???*****

You just about have to narrow it down to just one player from each team and that can be tough sometimes…..

We had some of these guys up here back last weekend, with our Top Pitchers Post and some of those names will be showing up again…

Adam Swim stills stands out for NWG…Pretty much pitches only and does not bat, but is a senior and brings the veteran leadership the Vikings need….
Devin Sweet has stayed hot for SEG, but Zack Canada has been heating up in more ways than one as of late, at the plate and on the hill….
Matt Kaplan….Looks like Northern Guilford will rise or fall with their ace Kaplan in the playoffs and Brant Williams has been real strong this season too…

If you pitch and then play the field on your off days, that ought to mean something for your cause….

John Iorio from Western Guilford has to be in this discussion….Was hitting at .463 earlier in the year and can’t be too far South, if at all of .425, as the playoffs get rolling on Friday….
Nick Schofield(Page) and he seems to be the glue or the pine tar, that keeps the Pirates coming…
Caleb Robinson(Eastern Guilford)….His younger brothers may have had some better games here and there, but Caleb seems to be robbing the other teams, when it comes to taking away victories and giving them to the Wildcats….Senior Ryan Hackett gives you another strong candidate from EG….
Tyler Mericka(Northeast Guilford)…On watching the NEG Rams numbers come in this season, Tyler appears to have taken the TOPS spot for Northeast…
Matt Dale(Southwest Guilford)…It has been a hard fought year for Doc Dale and SWG, but he has done his part to bring this team together and to keep them together…
Hansen Butler or Trevor Gay at High Point Central….This one is going to be a tough choice, but somebody will have to do it, if you want them on your five-man ballot…
Matt Horkey(Ragsdale)…Senior, right??? Seems like the right man for the job…
From Southern Guilford it looks like it will be a three-man sweeper….Camden Ball, Ryan Hedrick or Evan Edwards….
Leaning toward Qualin Price from High Point Andrews, based on what we have been seeing lately…
Grimsley-wise we can look at Jake Simpson and Zack Massey, as those tw have looked the best in the games that I have seen…
We have inlcuded names and ideas from almost every team and we might need to add in a name from Smith to round out our rotation….I have a wild card from Dudley, the Gromko kid who just got a full scholarship to an ACC school for his academics….Good job Thomas Gromko….

As in all cases, the teams that last the longest in the playoffs have the best chance to get a kid named as the POY….Going in, SEG and NWG appear to have the best shots for sticking around the longest, but we shall see….

Swim, Sweet, Kaplan and others up at the top of the list, do they have the best chance??? We are fixing to find out with just two days till the playoffs begin……Who is your POY Wildcard???

*****And as always, all of the above are just the names to get you thinking and to get you started….*****


  1. Most talented player is Weston Wilson out of Wesleyan, hands down. Most productive, highest recruited kid for college and the draft, and offers the most potential. Most important, unbelievable young man. Winner in every way it can be measured.

  2. Just my two cents to start 2-8 and finish 12-12…..but to lose a 2 time conference player of the year for the entire year named Matt Orth…..lose Matt Dale for a couple of weeks to various injuries…..have Austen Zente and Andrew Bullock be in basketball and not get baseball ready for a week or two…and to have lost the likes of Kyle Miller, Sean Geoghegan, and Andrew Madden and finish in a 3 way tie for 3rd in the toughest league in the area…..it’s a no-brainer….I don’t care what anybody else says about the topic…..Reid Holmes is my vote for coach!

  3. Give it to Horkey then, younger than we thought and doing a great job….

  4. Devin Sweet is also a junior.
    To Date: 39 innings pitched – 73 Ks – 6 Earned Runs

  5. That will be the name of the game…Looking for the best/top players….

  6. just wondering if any of the conferences have announced their all-conference teams yet – if not, when do they normally get announced.

  7. As soon as each team the specific conference is done with the playoffs…..Then they will announce, as long as they still have a team in, they wait till it is all over for that conference…

  8. Lane kowalski is jr. at WCA LHP pitcher. He has pitched 22 innings ERA .70

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