Round Two NCHSAA Baseball playoffs coming to Northwest Guilford on Tuesday:High Point Central Bison in the house

NCHSAA 2nd Round of the Baseball playoffs feature a Piedmont Triad 4A Conference Matchup with High Point Central coming to Northwest Guilford on Tuesday, May 14 at 7pm.

Admission will be $5 and only NCHSAA passes will be accepted.

Courtesty of John Hughes, Northwest Guilford Athletic Director….


  1. Yes it should be at good one! No love loss between these 2 teams after the last game at HPC. I hear that Jujday is throwing( didnt spell that right). Swim will only be on 3 days rest. Be interesting to see how intense this will be. Players are already talking junk to each other. Crowd control might be an issue as well. Hopefully everyone will act like responsible adults and remember it is for the kids.

  2. I was also thinking that Swim threw last Friday night and that Juday, the #2 man, would work on Tuesday…..With Butler(HPC) ready this should be one of those duals tomorrow night at NWG….

    Didn’t they split during the regular, or did NWG win both?? I saw the game at NWG and I know the Vikings won that one….

    If HP Central is healthy, they will be a tough out….

  3. Butler threw 3inn Fri and Gay threw 5 so I’m not sure who will go for HPC. NW won both games in regular season.

  4. Gay sure is saying a lot of negative stuff towards northwest players on twitter. Not impressed by his character

  5. Pretty ugly scene at the NWG/HPC game at Central. Some acorns don’t fall from the tree. As to the game, Butler should be ready to pitch some for HPC. While NWG hit him hard last time, this does not happen often. Butler knows what he is doing on the mound. Question is, is he 100% healthy?

  6. Hi Neutral,
    I read my sons Twitter and no where did he use bad language or attack another players character. If you would like to read it give me a call. An adult attacking a youths character without knowing the exact comments that were twitted reflects poorly on your character. Know your facts before you comment! Leave the players, high school students, out of your attacks!

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