Graham Sporting Goods:Got the news on High Point Central-West Forsyth Baseball Tonight

West Forsyth 3
HP Central 1

HPC 100 000 0 – 1
WF. 010 002 x – 3

LP T Gay 6 1/3 ip 4h 11k

WP #3 Travis ? 7ip 6h 3k

*****Season ends for the Nigh Point Central Bison tonight and now the only team we have left in the NCHSAA Baseball playoffs from Guilford County are the Wildcats, from Eastern Guilford High School. Still feel for certain that are old friend, Greg Johnson, would have been very proud of his son Will Johnson and the season the Bison baseball had in 2013…Good job HP Central and we will be trying to pull the EG Wildcats through, tomorrow night….*****


  1. HPC 100 000 0 – 1
    WF. 010 002 x – 3

    LP T Gay 6 1/3 ip 4h 11k

    WP #3 Travis ? 7ip 6h 3k

    HPC had 4 hits in the 1st inning – 2 infield – and only 2 hits the rest of the game. Trevor Gay pitched well for the Bison, but 2 walks and a hbp allowed a run to score in the 2nd and in the 6th, back to back hits to start the inning, an over throw of 3rd caused 1 run to score and another run scored on an error. The Bison just couldn’t get any offense going against the WF pitcher who wasn’t overpowering.

    Great season for the Bison who hadnt won a playoff game since 1971. They only lose 2 starters to graduation, if they can keep the rest of the team together hey should have another great season.

  2. HPC coach did a great job this year. While he does have Butler, HPC got better because he developed the other players. He took his average players and made them into solid starters. obviously the kids put the work in. Having his kids training at Bankhead’s place in the winter also helped. And they got to the 3rd round without Butler starting a game in the last 3 weeks. He developed his other kids. He started neither Butler or Gay against NWG and won. Definitely deserves conference coach of the year.

  3. Andy….you are so right about Greg. Will is a GREAT young man and a terrific role model for the younger players. It was a very good season for the Bison.

  4. Andy,
    That has to put Coach Jay White of Eastern Guilford right there in the hunt for your Coach of the Year vote.

  5. What Ken Morgan has done at HPC is probably one of the best program building jobs I’ve seen in a long time… take a program that were doormats annually….and in 3-4 years completely turn around and advance to the 3rd round of the 4-A Baseball playoffs is extraordinary….

  6. White and Morgan are both really good coaches and know the game and have done a great job. High school Coaches unless in Forsyth county or anywhere else where they have free transfer are really at the mercy of what they are dealt and how they can develop them. Shining Light Academy went out of business and EG was dealt 3 really good brothers. Coach Morgan is haveing a great run with a group of guys (Butler Gay etc..) When these guys graduate and the cycle runs out and they go back to the cellar for 1 or 2 years then what do we say about the coaches. All high school coaches are limited with what they can do. Practices off seasons travel ball no summer ball etc… Really who comes threw your doors in the high school or to your school is what your dealt. Its really how many good players come threw at once. Morgan could finish last and white could finish last and be the best coaches but just not have anything to work with. When u have studs all the sudden and two or three D1 players on your team it makes it a lot easier

  7. Pulling for Pope to win it all!
    He’s been at it a long time, and this being his “swan song,” I would love to see him ride off into the sunset with a ring…

  8. bobby said it best your dealt with the hand.if some coaches had those players they would also be good but the cycle will run dry.high school baseball is really easy if you have 6 good players with those 6 and 2 or 3 being very good pitchers and a good catcher. you can be good. if you have 2 good pitchers a catcher with a good ss and 2 good outfielders your going to be good. alot of high school dont have that. but those two coaches are good coaches but how about the coaches with not so good teams ,can you say they are not good coaches or just not good teams.

  9. How about a public school in Guilford County that has had some of the deepest rosters in the state and has not won a playoff game in at least four or five years? Somewhere off of Barrow Road fans must be frustrated…

  10. Mr beisbol…
    Sounds like you are frustrated.
    Well, no, it sounds like a big dumb spoon trying to stir yet another pot.

    And what exactly could they be tired of on Barrow Rd? Great facility, quality instruction, solid track record of development/recruitment/progression, a winning tradition, and most importantly, high-character mentoring for the young men. Wow, talk about a terrible situation………

    I know! How about you take your pot stirring spoon and G-O A-W-A-Y….. uh-hum, please 🙂

  11. Mr. Beisbol, If I’m reading this right your son played off barrow rd and did not make it to the next level and now you want to blame the coach, (again) how about look in the mirror and take the blame, The coach on Barrow rd has nothing but respect and helps all I said all his kids he coach’s, and would continue to help them after they leave the program, just goes to show how much class you have, and if you have the Go-Nads to write this have them to use your real name, I KNOW WHO U ARE and everybody else who reads this will figure it out.

  12. After the start that they had over there on Barrow Road, this turned out to be a great year for the team, the coaches and the fans….

    Very strong finish and still, another job well done…..Hats/caps off to the coach and his family….

  13. @cat did I say anything negative? I made a statement. @You Can’t Hide, why did you not use your real name? And you have no idea who I am. If you are that smart, hurry up. You have 20 more minutes to buy a Powerball ticket tonight. You parents are a riot on this site.

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