Northern Guilford Signing Ceremony Thursday Night

Northern Guilford High School hosted a Signing Celebration Thursday night.

Northern Guilford High School

Students who signed with colleges:

Nick Jones-Randolph Macon-Football
Emily Krochmal-Methodist University-Volleyball
Jimmy Hollingsworth-Queens University-CC and Track
Thor Smith-Western Carolina University-Track
Ryan Dirks-Louisburg-Baseball
Matt Page-Rockingham Community College-Baseball
Brant Williams-Florence-Darlington Community College-Baseball
Matt Kaplan-??-Baseball
Daniel Richards-Methodist University-Lacrosse
Davis Beelendorf-Methodist University-Lacrosse
Andrew Link-Lynchburg College-Tennis
Sam Siomkos-Meredith College-Soccer
Alex Hasler-Lees McCray-Soccer


  1. It’s really not a letter of intent like D1 and D2 since they can’t give athletic grants. It’s just a way of announcing that this student athlete is going to play for that D3 school. A well funded D3 school can really offer better “deals” than most D1 and D2 schools for sports other than football and basketball.

  2. There is no LOI at D3. A player must pay a deposit to that school to be comitted.

  3. We do this as a celebration for our students. We all know the rules and can you please just let them have their moment and be proud of themselves. Thanks so much.

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