Do you remember the name Dick Trickle and what do you remember about him???

This would be our ‘Poll Question of the Day’ and here it is:

Do you remember the name Dick Trickle and what do you remember about him???

Is his a name that you will remember and why?

Is it because of the sort of ‘funny-sounding name’, that was made famous on the ESPN broadcasts, or is it because of his innate driving ability, which he displayed on the short-tracks and then with his Rookie of the Year status, that he acquired on the NASCAR circuit, at age 48???

Is it because of the name Cole Trickle, that Tom Cruise used in the racing movie, ‘Days of Thunder’?

What do you remember about this guy?

Does the Dick Trickle name, or the Cole Trickle name bring back memories of a stop or two out near the woods, on cold night when you had to go to the bathroom, but all you had was an open field, filled with weeds and maybe a tall oak tree on the side and you just had to ‘GO’….

Dick Trickle, and what does he mean to you and now he is dead at age 71, and they say the self-inflicted gun shot wound was done to deaden and to take away the pain…

Fond and funny memories of this man’s name and why is it that his name, Dick Trickle, stands out and resonates with all of us today?

Tell us today:
Do you remember the name Dick Trickle and what do you remember about him???


  1. Little know fact, Dick Trickle kept a cigarette
    lighter on his roll cage inside the car. He would often smoke a cigarette during yellow caution laps. He had a wreck on one of the big tracks may have been Talladega high speeds. Trickle had an in car camera and when they went to show him inside the car after all had stopped he was trying to light a cigarette but was shaking so bad from the crash he was having a hard time lighting it, it was funny to watch and he laughed about it as well later.
    He raced when the “good ol boys” raced , men!
    Rest in peace Dick Trickle.

  2. Remember him, I knew him and knew him well.

    One of the best, if not the best to race on the short tracks.

    He could own any short track that he raced on and he could have made Bowman Gray look like Myrtle Beach go-kart track…

    Any Meyers boy would not stand a chance against Dick Trickle….

    Long live the memory of Dick Trickle.

    DW from Wally’s

  3. I like what you boys are saying. Keep it coming.

    Rest in Peace Dick Trickle

  4. Dick Trickle was well-known and well thought of in the NASCAR community….

    I saw a report on him on FOX 8 with Chocolate Meyers and he has nothing but good things to say about Dick Trickle….

    Sound like he loved to smoke and would light any time and any way he could…..

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