Northwest Guilford Signings from Thursday May 23 at NWG Media Center

Northwest Guilford Athletics Director John Hughes leads us in this BIG college siging day at Northwest Guilford on Thursday afternoon and Mr. Hughes does a very good job of breaking it all down and highlights all of the athletes and lets us know what college that they wull be attending…

Plenty of good details and you can see it and hear it all when you Click On below from the Northwest Guilford High School Media Center and courtesy of….The Northwest Observer was also in attendance on Thursday at NWG…

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  1. Northwest Guilford HS athletes for the most part are greatly ignored by college coaches and that assessment is illogical because NWHS wins on the field and in the classroom. All sports at NWHS boys and girls compete at the highest 4A level in NC and are successful year in and year out. One has to wonder what really matters to college coaches?

    If it is winning then look at the results NWHS teams produce each year versus what some so called recruiting “guru” who has never watched a NWHS game says. Does winning matter or does your recruiting rank matter the most? NWHS athletes produce wins.


    If it is recruiting good student athletes then also look at the results the NWHS teams produce in the classroom and on the field. You NEVER read about a NWHS student athlete going college and getting kicked out of school or involved in an academic scandal. College coaches are getting burned left and right and ultimately fired for recruiting kids with bad character. NWHS student athletes produce wins in the classroom and on the field.

    It is time for college coaches to rethink how to recruit!

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