Tight ballgame with Reds and Dodgers in the GNABA at DRP:Final was 8-5 Reds

Final:Greensboro NABA Reds 8, Winston-Salem Dodgers 5
HR:(Reds) Jesus Santiago….
WP:Dylan Thompson[SA/UNCG](2 Innings)….Kevin Minter(3 Innings) and Timmy Dezearn went 2 Innings for the Reds….Adam Foster lasted 7 Innings for the Dodgers….Reds Alex Starbuck(East Forsyth/Guilford College) had a two-run Double….Keith Anderson had a two-run Double for the WS Dodgers….
*****Enad Haddad sent re-check final of 8-5 Reds.*****
+++++Good reports tonight from Mr. Foster and Mr. Ahrens.+++++
NEW Update:Dodgers 5, Reds 5 in the 7th Inning at the DRP….
Update:Reds 5, Dodgers 3 after 5….

This one was about as tight as it can get, after Four Innings TONIGHT at Deep River Park, in Greensboro NABA action….‘The Greensboro NABA’, “where the Adults play baseball”….

At the end of 4 Innings:
Greensboro Reds 3
Winston-Salem Dodgers 3

Adam Foster(Western Guilford) has been pitching for the Dodgers…
*****Someone said they just saw Bill Buckner, Manny Mota and Chuckie Robinson(Jackie’s grandson) walk through the gate/fence at the DRP….Word was they walked right through the fence like they were walking out of a corn field…You never know what you might see in the GNABA, at the DRP.*****

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  1. On Manny Mota from Wikipedia just we know we have our gears straight:

    Manuel Rafael Mota Geronimo, more commonly known as Manny Mota (born on February 18, 1938, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) was a Major League Baseball Outfielder for the San Francisco Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates, Montreal Expos. Mota was a pinch hitting specialist with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    He has been a coach for the Dodgers since 1980, making the 2012 season the 33rd consecutive year in which Mota has coached for the team. He is thus the longest-tenured coach in Dodger history, and his 33 consecutive years as a coach with the same team is the second-longest such streak in MLB annals to Nick Altrock, who spent 42 straight seasons listed as a coach for the old Washington Senators.

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