What’s the call?

ANSWER IS:Dead Ball and the batter is awarded first base and the base runners move up 90 feet and everybody safe and the batter is awarded an infield single….Dead Ball since the ball hit the ump and everybody is safe and on base, even if the SS had turned the double play, which he did in the Hoppers’ game, but as soon as the ball made contact with the ump, and it did and it was ever so slight(hit/glanced his back heel), as soon as the ball hit the ump, it was dead and everybody is safe and on base, all the way around….

What do you say, what is the call???

From the Greensboro Grasshoppers baseball game on Sunday afternoon at NewBridge Bank Park….Batter from Kannapolis hits a ground ball toward shortstop in the infield and the base umpire throws up his hands and says the ball hit him….He was trying to do a scissors split to avoid the ball, but he said it made contact with him…

What’s the call???

There were men on base and the Greensboro Grasshoppers’ shortstop Yeison Hernandez went right after the double play as he cleanly fielded the ground ball….

The ball hit the umpire and what’s the call???

You make the call…….


  1. Dead ball and no pitch.

    The batter comes back to plate and all base runners return to their previous bases and they do it all over again since there was a DEAD BALL.


  2. The umpire is part of the field so he shouldn’t have done anything at all. But since he did, my guess is it would be a dead ball but no way the batter would be out

  3. Since he stopped play, it’s a do-over.
    If he hadn’t stopped play, it would be a live ball.
    Either way, two minutes in the penalty box for the ump.

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