Spring/Summer of Passing for Western Guilford crew:Former Hornet Ed Carroll gone today

Got the news tonight:Ed Carroll(Western Guilford High School) died from pancreatic cancer today/June 12….

Mr. Carroll was not a student, he was the assistant principal back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s at Western Guilford High School/Guilford High School….He was not a student, but he was very connected with the students and that man knew what was going on within the school and he was in charge of all of the transportation/buses for Western Guilford and then later he moved up and took over coordination for all of the school buses that were driven and carried students throughout Guilford County…

Mr. Carroll was a good man and he was very active in the Guilford College community, going back to the days when his father was the principal of the old Guilford High School…

Ed Carroll could run the show and he was always in charge of the show…While H.C./Henry Walters was the main man with the title of principal at Western Guilford, Ed Carroll was always working behind the scenes to make sure the school ran as a unit and that it was one big machine and that ‘machine’ was very successful, with Ed Carroll keeping a steady hand on the controls, in his efforts to make sure Mr. Walters didn’t have to take a baseball bat upside somebody’s head or do too much dirty work….

As someone was telling me just yesterday, Ed Carroll liked the role of the ‘hatchett man’ and he didn’t mind making sure all things stayed above board, back in day, when teachers and principals could take an active role in policing their schools and institutions of higher learning….

Ed Carroll got the job done and he did not miss too many days of work….I think I may have missed one day of school while in high school and Ed Carroll was there pretty much every day that I was there…..

At times I thought that maybe me and Ed Carroll were like a team….If I took care of some of the dirty work around the school, Ed Carroll would give me the response of “job well done”…. If I was lucky enough to have a good game on a Friday night, Ed Carroll would see it and give me one those, “that was one of the best games that I have ever seen you play”, on a Monday morning, and those are the kind of things that you don’t forget…..”A job well done”, you didn’t get that from too many people back in the day, but Ed Carroll knew that it meant something to the kids/students to hit them with some praise…..

“A job well done by Ed Carroll too”…..And Ed Carroll didn’t stop after his days as a teacher/principal/Guilford County Schools Transportation Director were done, he was still out in the community, up at the Guilford College Hardees for many years after he left the schools, keeping up with all that was going on….He would bring his missionary friend Robert from the ‘Rain Forest’ and they would talk with my dad, and many others who had become best of friends, at the Hardees…

In his later years, Ed Carroll had moved down to a farm, with a nice log cabin in Pleasant Garden and today he ran his last bus route and made his final stop, as he went on to the big bus stop in the sky….

Ed Carroll died from pancreatic cancer, June 12, 2013…..

Mr. Carroll had a daughter named Amy, with husband Artie and also a son named Alan if I am not mistaken…Mr. Carroll, I believe at one time, was a member at Hickory Grove Methodist Church…

Could be mistaken on a few items, but off of the cuff, not too bad of a tribute….May add more later on, but I will leave at this for tonight:

Mr. Ed Carroll, “A Job Well Done”…..