High School Football Pre-Season Top Tens coming in

Here’s how some of the early pollsters are seeing the 2013 season and you can feel free to add your 10 cents worth, or your Top Ten or Top 15 and keep the discussion rolling…..

HS Football’s Preseason Top 10 said,

Guilford County Preseason Top 10

3.HP Central
6.HP Andrews
8.SE Guilford
10.NE Guilford

guilfordpreps said,

1. Page
2. Northern Guilford
3. HP Central
4. Dudley
5. NW Guilford
6. HP Andrews
7. Southeast Guilford
8. Grimsley
9. Ragsdale
10. Southern Guilford
11. Eastern Guilford
12. NE Guilford
13. Western Guilford
14. SW Guilford
15. Ben L. Smith

*****Page, Northern Guilford, High Point Central, Dudley and Northwest Guilford look to be right there in the early Top Fives, does everyone else see it that way?????*****

Looking for the positive spins, as we approach these polls and no need for any negative kicks, way too early in the process for those to be showing up…What makes you feel good about your team as the season draws near? Are you looking forward to that 3rd week in August?


  1. 1 Page
    2 Northern
    3 Dudley
    4 Northwest
    5 High Point Andrews
    6 High Point Central
    7 Southeast
    8 Ragsdale
    9 Southern
    10 Southwest

  2. One good thing is that SE plays Page, Dudley, Smith, Ragsdale and I think NE this year so it will be settled on the field.

    SE Dad

  3. Looking for most of this to be just like it has been in the past years.

    Northern Guilford
    Northwest Guilford
    HP Central
    Southern Guilford
    Southeast Guilford
    HP Andrews

    That is your Top 10 right there.

  4. 1.Page
    3.HP Central
    4.NW Guilford
    8.SE Guilford

  5. Preseason Top 10

    4-HP Central

  6. 1st off Everyone has Northern overrated. Logans not there anymore people.

    2.HP Central

  7. The guy we brought in this year will make you forget all about TJ Logan! (.)(-)

  8. @Just wait and see

    Is it another kid from Burlington? I know the one you guys had jumped ship and went back.

  9. This will be the weakest Ragsdale team in years, however they still should make the playoffs. They lost a ton and have a huge question mark at QB. Don’t be surprised if a freshman isn’t starting by the end of the year. Going forward, Ragsdale will be much better the following year but next year could be a struggle compared to recent years. The bar is set pretty high in football at Ragsdale.

    Ragsdale sports overall struggled last year. they were 5th in conference in the Wells Fargo cup. basketball is struggling, baseball has not had a winning season in 3 years, and smaller sports, other than soccer, are struggling. Working through some internal administration issues and having some coaching turnover. Unfortunately it is the wrong coaches leaving. Baseball should be better next year simply because they have some older talent and experience and actually have some seniors for a change. Wrestling will also be better. In football, give Norwood and staff another year and they will be back on top.

  10. Wonder what a Mike Ellis or someone at the Northwest Observer or even a Turk Sims(102 JAMZ) might be thinking about these teams….Should be hearing from Brian Miller about SWG in a few weeks….

    Always good to get the different points of view and we have been seeing some good ones…

    If you know of any students that want to get involved in writing about these teams let us know….

  11. The problem with Ragsdale is they should be playing 3A Football. They continue to be right on the line of 4A/3A and missed the cut by about a hundred or so students. If they were 3A they would be right in the mix still this year. Who knows maybe they will surprise some people in the 4A ranks this season. Don’t count the tigers out just yet!

  12. @Justwaitandsee

    I don’t know if anyone will be able to duplicate the success TJ Logan had on the field. The guy has gone down in the record books as one of if not the best RB in NC HS Football history! So it really doesn’t matter who Northern Guilford brings in. They won’t be near as good as TJ was.

  13. Everyone thought the same thing about Keenan Allen and then came along TJ Logan. Just wait to you see what we have this year!

  14. No surprise to see NE so low on the list this year….can’t be any expectations out there with the whole staff leaving and moving on while this new guy leaves a lot to be desired as a head coach….can’t imagine NE wouldn’t be middle of this bored if Pursley and his crew were still at the helm

  15. @ Just Wait

    Who is this so called player who is the next coming of Keenan Allen and TJ Logan? Cause if it’s the rising 10th grader you are talking about he’s nowhere close to being on their level.

  16. Heard there is going to be a 7v7 @ Andrews. Anybody know anything about it, or about any others upcoming?.

  17. Look for Page, NG, HPC, Dudley to be the top dogs… everyone else is fighting for scraps!!

    Vegas Mike

  18. Andy,
    Good start to 7 on 7 at Ragsdale last night. Thought Ragsdale look better than all others but it’s hard to tell as Norwood did rotate many more players than the other teams. They had 1 tall receiver that was dominant when he play along with another receiver that was very good in the open field.

    Ragsdale rotated 3 QB’s. Not sure their names but they all seem to do well.

  19. ragsdale
    hp andrews
    hp central

  20. We’ll see what kind of team Page fields this year. Britt at QB will be interesting. The JV has been dominant the past few years but varsity is another ball game altogether.

    Northern has holes to fill at RB. Logan is gone. I’m reading that Northern has another RB who will “make us forget about T.J.” Uh-huh. Like you can replace a T.J. Logan. Dude, you’re not Alabama. This is HS football. Wait and see.

    Grimsley just lost another coach. Corio bailed late June. Possibly the worst time a coach can leave. Spin this all you like, but, my friend, it’s spun. Grimsley’s football program is a shambles. Coaches don’t bolt stable programs in late June. Something is rotten in Whirly-ville. And just when I thought Grimsley would make a game of it against Page this fall. Well, they still might. As Jesse Jackson likes to say, “Keep hope alive.” Hope is alive. It’s the Grimsley football program that’s on life support.

  21. everyone is letting seg go under the radar this year, they have a lot of depth and seniors returning. they also have been showing northwest up in both 7on7s

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