Head Football Coach Damon Coiro gone from Grimsley

Coach Dmaon Coiro has left Grimsley High School and is headed back to New Jersey to coach his old high school football team….Coach Coiro said this was his ‘dream job’…..

Coach Coiro right at (8-24) over three seasons as the Whirlies head coach….

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E-mail from Grimsley AD Lewis Newman:
“Coach (Coiro) has been an inspiration to our students, staff and school,”…..”As he continues his career, he will certainly be missed by all, but will always be a part of the Whirlie nation. We offer our best wishes to him and his family for his future success.”
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GreensboroSports.com take:
Coach Coiro was a good young man/coach and I liked his energy and enthusiasm…..But what is Grimsley going to oo for a head coach this late in the off-season….Coach Loosemore maybe??? Scott Loosemore has head coaching experience and why not Coach Loosemore for the new head coach at Grimsley???

New head football coaches for Guilford County for 2013:
Eastern Guilford


  1. This makes me extremely sad. Coach Coiro is a great coach and a better person. I wish him all the best.

    It is time for Whirlie Nation to get behind their sports programs.

  2. Really?….What the heck is going on over at that school? There is a reason why all these HC’s keep leaving and the administration needs to get off its’s As* and fix it! Until they do Grimsley will continue to be the door mat of the Metro.

  3. Wow too bad because coach Corio did everything he could to get that job and lewis Newman wanted him as hc and now he leaves. Best of luck yo him but what is that now 4 head football coaches in 7 years well we all know Loosemore was running that ship last year anyway, he will get the job

  4. This was supposed to be Grimsley’s “up” year. They have a four year starter at QB and a lot of returning talent. Not sure how this will effect their season. 5 coaches in 7 years isn’t exactly ideal for a football program.

  5. I played HS football with Loosemore. Grimsley is crazy if they won’t give him a shot at head coach. He will run an offense that his talent will allow. No round pegs in square holes with Lucy.


  6. Pat Neal is the man for the job. He has put in his time and the kids play hard for him. If Coiro isn’t the coach this is the best in-house option. Great man, devoted father, extremely hard worker. I hold a stake in the game as I am a parent. We all feel this way. Loosemore is a good guy just not for our kids.

  7. I think the thing that Grimsley will miss the most from Coach Coiro was his postitive attitude…A good leader that cared about the attitude and the approach of the young men that he would coach…..Always keeping those young men out front in a positive light and helping the kids to try and do better, to better themselves in a positive way….Good or bad, Coach Coiro tried to keep things up front and upbeat at all times…

    Grimsley would be well-served to name Scott Loosemore as their new head coach….He has experience in the head coaching department and comes prepared for every practice and every game and has always seemed to be a football-man 24/7 and 365…..The transition to Coach Loosemore taking over would be a smooth one….

    With the history of their high school from all the many years that they have been around and playing sports, Grimsley needs to get their name back up near the top again….It doesn’t happen overnight, but Coach Loosemore will not nap long at night, in his efforts to bring this program back around…..

    Half and half/.500 is every coach’s dream when taking over a program following a change and you have to strive and push to that .500 mark…Anything less is not acceptable to the pure coaches who live in that competitive blood line….

    Just a few random thoughts and they may not make any sense to some, but if we don’t go out and strive for at least a .500 finish each day in life, we are doing ourselves an injustice….

    Just a few thoughts to share here instead of creating a whole new post and again, good luck to Coach Coiro up in New Jersey with his new job and best of luck to Coach Loosemore if he gets the Grimsley post….

    If the job doesn’t go to Coach Loosemore, we will support whoever gets it, because you have to support your local teams….GreensboroSports.com

  8. We will have differing opinions and both men that have been mentioned can do the job…..In the end Grimsley will have to do what is right for the school and the team as they build for the future…..

    A foundation has been laid on Westover Terrace from many men from over many years and they need to build upon that tradition, no matter who takes over….

    All of the players and coaches from those many years have laid that foundation…This is not a start from scratch deal….

    As others have mentioned, Grimsley returns a four-year QB and RB’s with experience and something that Coach Coiro prided himself in, a very strong and experienced offensive line….

    They have a foundation and now they have to find the right general/leader….

    From what we hear they will be naming an interim coach, so in many ways, the coach that they name will be trying out for his position for the chance to coach this team in the future….

  9. I heard that Grimsley have a lot of players ineligible. I was wondering is they true.

  10. We all hope that is not the case and if it were, Summer School still needs to be an option that can help high school and college kids become eligible….

  11. As a Grimsley grad and a current Grimsley parent it saddens me that we are once again coachless in midsummer. That being said it is very important for the Grimsley community to support whoever is named interim coach and try and makes this as little of a distraction as possible. The Whirlies have a lot of experience coming back with several seniors who have played on the varsity since they were sophomores and even freshmen. Several of these kids have played football together since they were 7 yrs old at Lewis. I know there are a lot of emotions involved in the recent events at Grimsley but I challenge all Grimsley supporters to not let that be the focus of this season. Lets make it about the kids.

  12. AE,

    what did you expect? This is Grimsley football we are talking about here…… you can’t be that saddened…. 5 coaches in 7 years. You should be used it by now.

  13. Should be Neal or Loosemore…..We will all know by Mnoday and the lean to Neal today and then Loosemore on Saturday….

  14. Parent, that is the problem. While you say you have a stake in the game because you are a parent, its your kid that has a stake in the game. Kids play, parents watch. Loosemore knows what he is doing. He worked miracles at EG. EG parents may actually be worse than Grimsley parents

  15. Think he could have decided a bit sooner if he was going to leave or stay? This really hurts this current team having it’s HC leave a month before the start of the regular season. Now….How long does the administration drag their feet before naming the new interim HC?

  16. The parents must back off and let the coaches coach…Otherwise just get up pick-up game with your family in your backyard….

  17. No place is perfect. All schools have “issues”. Some issues from time to time are unique to a certain place, but most schools share the same issues, with just varying degrees. The variance between each institution and how each school deals/doesn’t deal, with issues, comes down to a number of reasons. Some of these reasons are, but not limited to, administration, AD’s, coaches and parents.

    However, in my opinion, it is the parents and players at GHS that are the problem. They are simply unrealistic, out of touch, and not accountable. Its not the head coaches fault they lose, it isn’t the AD, it isn’t anything other than the players aren’t winners on the field. Good kids in general, but simply not good enough athletes. Way too much drama. Truthfully, nobody really cares outside of a thirty mile radius of Greensboro(and that may be a generous estimamte), what happens with GHS football or any sport. Parents just get in the way.

  18. Summer school is not an option if a student did not have a 2.0 gpa. The 2.0 rule is a Guilford County rule and Summer School is not an option for it. Summer School can only be used to get a student enough credits to be eligible by the start of practice (this is a NCHSAA rule)

  19. So if all these kids didnotmake the grade is that not the reason that Shuping was let go? Or was that what LNewman said to get rid of him. This is what Grimsley gets for years and years of stupid practices. Now Corio leaves late June, this is what you get for trating coaches poorly and bad hires. Just look at the coaches that have left there screaming. Grimsley is running out of people that will go there many good coaches will not touch that place with a 10 foot pole, good job guys

  20. Grimsley haven’t been good since Coach Shuping, Coach Saunders, Coach Anderson and Coach Pat was there. And all them coaching are gone except Coach pat. Grimsley broke up that great coaching staff.

  21. Grimsley ain’t been good since a certain Coach left with Keenan Allen for Northern!

  22. Andy,
    I usually agree with your summation but this time i’m not so sure. If you where to attend the Booster Club meetings with 7 to 10 people, little to no money, lots of conflict you would see that over involved parents are not the problem. The parent involvement seems to be constantly on the decline at Grimsley. The only parent involvement seems to come from parents who want to see one of the county’s larger and historic schools thrive so our children can share in a great tradition that GHS once was. As far as parents over stepping their bounds with coaches, I see very little possibility of that happening as we barely learn the coaches last name before they are whisk away in the middle of the night to pursue their careers. Just a thought, why would a young budding coach of any sport not consider somewhere like GHS to a great place to have a career? Anyway, Thanks for all you do for the sports community.

  23. As Usual,
    Since this is a Grimsley thread i.e. why we are talking about Grimsley, Why don’t you go to another thread such as whats happening 30 miles (and that is a generous estimate) from here. You are obviously out of touch with what is going on at Grimsley….

  24. The community skirts around the real problem because we are all afraid of the punishments our children will face if we speak on their behalf bit. What a sad place. I am not a football parent at Grimsley but I am deeply saddened that we lost this one. He worked hard to make our community better. He worked hard for all the athletes at GHS. This, Andy, is the wrong guy going out the door.

  25. It would be very tough for your first job as a head coach to be at Page, Dudley or Grimsley….So much tradition at those schools….Hard to make it work, but maybe for the new man at Grimsley, since they have been down the past few years, they can make something happen…

    Got to get a program to .500 and they have already been doing for a while now at Page and Dudley and it used to be the norm at Grimlsey back in the day…..

    I could be wrong about a lot of things, but I still think I am right about a few things….

  26. Andy Durham,
    Please know that Im not challenging your intellect. I’m simply suggesting that there is a lot more to this story to parents vicariously living through their children. GHS has been through a lot of football coaches but truly they have gone through an arsenal of coaches in multiple sports.

    I agree that it would be tough to start your career at the above named schools with the exception of GHS. As you stated Grimsley was above par back in the day but I would suggest to you that with GHS being out of the norm for years, a coach (Corio) who has the student body cheering his name on Friday Nights, growing in wins (yearly), and making a difference in the spirit of the school across the board would feel as if he might be the next great name at GHS.

  27. No problem hhere….I like a good challenge and it makes for good discussion….I do feel my intellect checked out on me about 10 years ago, but it does coome back on special occasions…

    We will look to close all of this out for today at around 11pm, so if you want to get in today, come on down…

    Should be re-open by sometime after 9am on Saturday…..

  28. If the Admin and Parents at Grimsley really want the Football team to be successful hire the best Coach available and let him lead the program! The Parents at Grimsley need to understand that the Head Coach is the man in charge and quit going to the principal or AD trying to stir up something every time a decision doesn’t go their way! The Principal and AD also need to have the new Head Coaches back and listen to what changes need to be made. Someone also needs to tell the Principal to worry about education and let the Coach worry about the direction of the Football program!

  29. One positive that maybe has come out of all of this…This is the most talk about Grimsley football that I have seen in the past five years or so…Just a ‘for what its worth department’ note….

  30. Got things up and running again here on Satruday morning and plan to keep it rolling until 10 or 11pm tonight and then time to move it on….

  31. Real Talk,
    You sound like As Usual! What you refer to as the parental problem at Grimsley is far from the problem. I believe, if asked , Coach Corio would speak favorably to the parental support of his coaching at GHS. As a matter of fact I doubt you could find many parents who went crying to the AD about him or anything else. Corio brought school spirit back to GHS comparative to the likes of Joe Franks because he like Coach Franks taught that team wins and we are all a part of something bigger than us. The problem lies more in the fact that Coach Corio didn’t have support where he needed it. As far as the principal, Mr. Newlin seems like a great guy who inherited a mess on a lot of levels. Anna Brady had laid a good foundation in that she didn’t tolerate insubordinate behavior from her employees. I think Mr. Newlin was blind sided and by the time he realized who these people really where they had taken back over. I believe he will get it back under control. He seems very supportive of GHS athletics and academics, and most of all he seems to want the best for the students. MR. Real Talk you have totally missed it. The parents had a lot of respect the direction of GHS’s football program. His attitude drew parents and students to serve the needs of the community thus making the Whirlie Nation a better one.

  32. Inabilities strike again.

    Editor’s Note:
    *****Got to be very careful on too much name dropping that will bring the current program down…Let those in charge do their jobs and I still think we all agree that parents should not have a part or role in selecting/hiring coaches on the high school level and pray-tell they do not. Not good to be running too many of our top officials into the ground….At some time or another, we will all have to rise up and work together….*****Andy Durham and GSOSports.com*****

  33. Andy Durham,
    That is a true statement. Next week the AD will name a new coach and we will get behind him and push forward. The kids deserve more than this adversity. Corio has been great for the Grimsley community and hopefully on that success GHS will continue to build. He has taught the students to believe in themselves and the next coach will hopefully do the same. While the players are hurt by Corio’s departure, hopefully it will serve as a reminder that what is inside you makes you a champion and along life’s road there are people that have been strategically placed to take you to the next level.

  34. It’s back to how it always was.
    Page is back to their winning ways and will continuously be in the elite status level with Butler, Richmond, Indy. Now that the program has a recent 4AA title, a high caliber of coaching, and a continuous stream of talent,

    Grimsley, can’t even keep a coach for longer than 3 years it seems. Let alone being able to win more than a couple conference match ups.

    It was not too long ago when Page was 0-10 and Grimsley was in the small 4A title game.

  35. Back to the Norm,
    I would not assume we are going to crash and burn just yet. These students are the same ones that played lots of games with the Page and Northern kid’s when they were younger. It is not as if Grimsley is untalented. As Addison Edward’s stated we are returning some top notch talent so we should probably play the game before we accept a presupposed outcome. I’m pretty sure that of the three front runners for the GHS job all three have a great understanding of the football. Also, remember that sometimes the storm does more to unite than divide. The Grimsley boys have worked hard and they are due a few good victories this year. We are sad about Corio but we will continue to build.

  36. It is good to see the Grimsley fans still upbeat and with Jake at QB, Johston at RB and others back there and especially that offensive line, Grimsley will need to get through the transition quickly and be ready to start pushing that sled down Benjamin Parkway….

    Don’t know him that well, but it will be time for a kid like a Clark Yow to step up and lead this team and he can do it….They need him and others along that O’Line to lead….Clark Yow can be one of the main men to set high standards for this 2013 Grimsley team…Saw him in baseball and he goes all out, in all he does and I am calling him out to help lead this team this year…..May have to run some people over, but that can send a message….The ‘time is now’, for Yow and his teammates….The bar is set and you have to go get it and not look back….You may not be able to please everybody, but sometimes you have to please yourself and that means go get Wins….

    We will shut our whole deal donw on htis one tonight at around 11pm…

  37. Inita, so GHS has three candidates? At least according to you. see, that is exactly the problem. You are a parent and should have zero knowledge or input. The administration in this case is the problem and has issues if they are willy-nilly letting parents and people “into the know” that have zero business in any of the decisions being made. once again, proves my point, parents at GHS get in the way.

    Let me clarify from yesterday. There are zero problems at GHS. the truth is this…GHS football is behind because of the players that are on the field. Simple as that. GHS is out classed in the talent department. its not the head coach(coiro, or the new hire) its not the AD, its not the administration. The issue is the talent isn’t there!!!!!!!! And I have yet to see on here or hear any parent willing to say so. They can’t and will not say….my son isn’t good enough. Instead, they point fingers and blame the lack of wins on others. Which is complete B.S. Could some things at GHS be better???? sure they could. Are any of those things going to create more wins???? NO. The kids play. What they do on the field is the only thing that dictates the WIN/LOSS column. Simple as that. Anything said by anyone other than that…is simply hiding behind the easy to see truth.

  38. AS USUAL,
    How presumptuous that you know I’m a parent. I have never mentioned a student or any attachment to any football players. Do you think only football parents like Corio. I am not sure about willy or nilly but multiple news sources list two or three potential coaches in house. I am not necessarily an insider but I can read. I will say that I hope you are not a top official at GHS because it would be sad for the students to find out you have such little faith in their abilities. They have continued to improve each year over the past three and as the continue to grind and work hard I believe good things will come their way. The only way they become losers is if they give up. BTW… are you suggesting that with as many coaching changes as GHS has experienced in the last decade that this has had no effect on the program? It is all just skill issues.

  39. Hate I didn’t get my thoughts on here sooner. Would love to have had some response before Andy closed it out.

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