7 on 7 Football Update coming out of last week’s workouts

Smith, Dudley, Northeast Guilford and High Point Andrews, all in 7 on 7 action over at High Point Andrews(last week) and we are hearing that Smith looked real good and they held their own with High Point Andrews….Andrews has a lot of skill position kids coming back, including their top QB and several of his favorite receivers, who are all very good skill position players….Smith was looking and playing big and the Golden Eagles seem to be adjusting well to the new offensive system/scheme that is being instituted/installed by new head coach and offensive guru Antonio Kirkpatrick….Smith has a big new QB, kind of in a similar mold to Jeff Sims from a few years back and similar so far, at least in size….Gonna take a lot to get going with what Sims was doing, back when he was hooking up with Eric Ebron, Elijah Jordan, Quinton Able, Demetrius Boswell and others…..But Coach Kirkpatrick has his Smith guys headed in the right direction, at least in the 7 on 7 offensive workouts….

Andrews will be for real and they should be a Top Five Favorite to win the State 2-A Title and if their RB Marquell Cartwright stays healthy, he has a chance to win All-State honors….Makes a lot people say that he reminds them of a young Franco Harris when he runs, but we have to remember, this is just the high school level of play, that we are talking about…

Dudley right now is in the mode of trying to find out who the QB will be??? They are looking in a lot of directions and they will have something concrete mapped out soon…You need a passing man for these 7 on 7 drills and that’s the type of man that Dudley would like to have for the long haul…..They have him on board now, but they just have to decide who is going to step up and step out and be that Panther leader that they need….Dudley vs. Northeast Guilford with the edge going to Dudley in the 7 on 7…..Dudley and Smith did not go head-to-head over here in High Point….NEG is looking young according to our scouts and they are a bit small within their preseason lineup and they will have to get bigger and stronger as the August due-dates get closer for the regular season….NEG always has real fast athletes, but they will need a certain physical presence to be able to go into the Mid-State 3-A warfare, coming up in September and October……

Again, Smith a sure surprise last week, Andrews holding steady, Dudley getting ready for when they start running the ball too and NEG on the watch for big kids up front to go with their smaller and faster 7 on 7 featured athletes….

Dudley non-conference schedule for this season with Northern Durham, WS Carver, Ragsdale, Person County and maybe one more that I am missing on the slate….

Page travels to Charlotte to face the Matthews Butler Bulldogs in the 3rd of their season and they are trying to get this game moved into Memorial Stadium, down in Charlotte, to handle what is expected to be a capacity crowd for this big matchup….Butler, with Riley Ferguson now graduated and having moved on to the SEC, at Tennessee……

On our coaching front, Neil Mitchell is another name that might move into the coaching search plans over on Westover Terrace….

We have probably gone over our limit for info on the day and considering since all of this info is coming at you at no charge, we better let off of the gas pedal, take a break and then go find another category to dig into….

Thanks to the Panther Man/Fan for his input on this post….He is on the ball early and taking it to the house, here in the preseason…….

*****We are still watching for the 7 on 7’s to be continued at Elon University, either tomorrow(Monday), or on Tuesday…..We are watching/looking…..*****


  1. Yes one right quick is Austin Coltrane at Northern Guilford…..Also Ryan Craven at Southeast Guilford…He was a sophomore last year and he came on and took over during the season for Will Greene….

    Quick run-down shows…
    Page-No…Putnam 2012
    Dudley-No…Hayes 2012
    Smith-No..Pratt 2012
    Northwest-No…Reitz 2012
    Ragsdale-No…Herndon 2012
    High Point Central-No…Justin Johnson 2012
    Western Guilford-No…Flippin 2012
    Southern-No…Ball 2012
    Southwest-Not sure
    Northeast-For now saying No
    Eastern-Not sure on this one, they tried quite a few last year, so would say for now No…Would like to see the Morehead kid at that spot….

    Simpson(Grimsley), HPA QB, Coltrane(NG) and Craven(SEG) are for sure all back for 2013 and all of the four are seniors except for Craven….

    A lot of info, but No extra charge….

  2. dudley was without a couple of starters at the 7 on 7 including Starting QB Emmanuel Moseley who will be running the show for the panthers this year. The panthers used a couple of very young Qb’s last thursday to get them some work. Jv Qb and back up Qb. The speedster Moseley was at numerous camps last week. He has picked up a few offers including A&T, East Carolina and UNC Charlotte and his recruitment is really starting to pick up after running a 4.35 forty at the shrine bowl combine in may. (the fastest time at the camp) NC state and Clemson are closing in on offering him as he did very well out their camps. He will be apart of a very talented backfield that contains about 6 workhorses at the running back position. the panthers are loaded at running back and will just have fun shuffling them in and out. the panthers also return 8 starters on defense. lookout for the dboyz

  3. When is the next Smith 7on7? I got to get out and catch the new look Golden Eagles. Anyone with any info???

  4. Don’t get too excited by watching a big game of advanced tag football! It all changes when you put on the pads!!!

  5. Agree…. It’s not a realistic look when your LB’s don’t have to worry about the run and their 1st step is backwards on every play. But it’s good work for the corners, safeties, WR’s,and QB’s

  6. Andy,

    Who is the new Smith QB everyone is talking about? Do you have any idea when the next Smith 7on7 is?

  7. We all need more news on Smith and SEG will have a very good offensive line….

  8. Neither of smiths qbs resemble jeff sims. Neither of them are above 6’0. I did hear that smiths line did very well at andrews against dudley an TW. smith is one of those teams who can go either way this year

  9. moseley was at the very last one @ washington high school in the end of the may. im not sure if their results have been posted yet. they said it would be a few weeks before all results will be posted. clemson rivals wrote an article on moseley including his 40 time the very next day. i will see if i can find it and share the link.

  10. he was at june 1 combine @ washington high school. the results havent been posted yet

  11. Andy,

    Have you heard when the next Smith 7on7 is? or do you know someone within the new Smith coaching staff that may know?

  12. SW might have a kid coming in as a 9th grader that is extremely athletic. He’s coming from SW middle.

  13. ANDY,

  14. I watched the NWG SEG 7 on 7. NW starting defense pretty much shut SE offense out. SE did complete some simple 5 yard out routes but there was always a defender right there on them. When NW put the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th team players in SE still had their starters playing and was able to complete some passes down field. From what I saw NW only kept the 1st team guys in for 1 full series together.

  15. During last season the SW middle school player was saying he was headed to Dudley and possibly the Academy. Made it clear it would not be SW. I can’t remember the kids name but saw him play and he is talented. I think his father was a talented athlete and local. Last name may have been Hooker but just a guess. Not positive about that..

  16. I love the open transfer policy in Guilford County. Dudley, Northern, and Page get a bunch of talented players that way!

  17. There is no open transfer policy. If a kid wants to join an IB program or an academy, they must apply for it and be admitted academically first and passed through the GC school board.

  18. @regap

    Way to go Captain Obvious! Thats what I’m talking about it doesn’t take anything to transfer. Families say its about education but there is only 1 reason most people transfer in this County and thats Sports. Might as well be open transfer in GCS cause it basically already is.

  19. Quote from new Northern Guilford Head Coach to his players
    “Hell If it were easy, NW Guilford would be winning Championships”

    -New Head Coach Robert Brian Thomas

  20. Before new head coach Thomas runs off at the mouth he might want to win a game as a head coach first. You have been riding coach Roscoe’s coat tail for years pal! Here’s a little news Coach…..You ain’t done nothing yet!

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