Pat Neal named interim head football coach at Grimsley High School

Coach Pat Neal takes over the team at Grimsley and he has been at Grimsley for 8 years and before that he spent 8 years at Smith…Coach Neal has been the defensive coordinator for the Whirlies for the past several seasons….

Coach Neal now the interim head football coach for the Grimsley Whirlies…..

Congratulations and good luck to Coach Neal at Grimsley and you can read more about this move when you CLICK HERE for the News and Record update…..


  1. Well good for coach Neal, he deserves a shot. Now onto the last several coaches that were there what do they all have in common? They all left under a certain someone’s regime. And make no double about it from what I am getting not much was said that was too good in this last coaches resignation letter about a certain someone. There I did not use any names or positions so do not delete my post.

  2. You dont have to say the name at all.

    Editors Note:
    *****We all know that Lewis Newman is the AD at Grimsley and he has a job to do and it is not an easy one, but we need to let him do his job at Grimsley and not go about trying to tell him how to do his job on this site……

    Any suggestions, send them to Grimsley High Schhool, but not by way of this site….That is not the right way of going about things…..Coach Newman has the job to do and if you think you have ideas or if you want to voluteer to help out at Grimsley, time to get on over to Westover Terrace….We don’t accomplish anything by going over and over these matters here, because we can’t do anything about them and all the ideas and suggesstions that you have are going nowhere here…..You need to get on over to Grimsley and offer up…..All of this talk ends up hitting a roadblock here and nothing positive comes of it….

    Time to get on over to Grimsley and leave it off of here….

    Again, congratulations to Coach Pat Neal, got to be a dream of his to be a head coach and good luck this season to the Whirlies with their football endeavors to all of their athletic programs…….*****

  3. Maybe the new coach will see this post and bring back the Whirlie symbol and put it on the grimsley helmet, instead of a number. Alumni take pride in the Whirlie symbol and it needs to come back to the football uniform.

  4. I agree Andy but it’s interesting which topics you choose to shut down and which ones you leave up. Also like to point out that you didn’t hesitate to endorse who you thought should get the job.

  5. Never an easy decision no matter what you do or say….Sometimes better to say nothing and stay our of it and that might be a better route for me in the future…

  6. Could still be up in the air with Coach Loosemore…We’ll get more details and get back with you on it tomorrow…We will re-open this post on Wednesday….

  7. If Loosemore is now gone as well as Coiro it may be a long season this year for Grimsley.

  8. Having a guy who has been with the program eight years is a plus for Grimsley. But four coaches in five years speaks volumes that the problems with this program are deeply ingrained and won’t be solved with a DC being made head coach.

  9. Grimsley doesn’t know the coach they just lost! Loosemore is one of the best coaches in this county right now I’m astonished he didn’t get the job!

  10. It’s sad but Grimsley athletics has become a trainwreck over the last several years. It seems they get a decent coach in various sports and they never want to stay. I don’t know why. Not blaming the AD. Don’t know the man. But do know the environment is not good and a tough parent group. Not sure I have ever met a happy Grimsley parent.

    I am not a fan, a parent or a player. Just been observing the last 8-10 years. No dog in this fight.

    Andy, if you are going to have a blog then you are going to get rough comments from time to time. Either you police it, and not selectively, or use real names.

  11. With Loosemore gone they are going to have to install a whole new offensive system. The 4th of July is a dead week now in the NCHSAA so that means Grimsley has 5 weeks to put in a brand new offensive system. Good Luck with that!

  12. It takes a lot of time, but I pretty much have to read every comment that comes in here….

    We give ti some leadway, but then we have to reel it back in….

    Best bet is for everyone to keep it above board and show tolerance to others….

    The positive side is a good side and there is plenty to talk about when just talking about the games and how the teams are doing…..

    We got some kids playing ball around here and they could use a good word or two each day…..

    We have some good coaches too and they work hard and put in the time……

    A good day is one where we can keep on rolling along without any major bumps in the road….

    The key is to get talking about the teams and the players and who is going to be the one to watch for this year…..

  13. So many of u on here think u know so much about the situation at Whirlie land . . . u don’t even KNOW !!! they deal with the hand their dealt . . . . not taking what doesn’t belong to WIN. wHAT GOES AROUND . . .WILL COME AROUND Don’t count them out .The ball that u play with in football is oblong and bounces all kind of ways. whaTTa Make u laugh . . will make u cry,just remember that. I’m otta here,just don’t under estimate those kids,they been laughed at and the butt of a lotta jokes . . . .they gonna remember that. just remember I told u so !

  14. @ Hate

    Not making jokes or talking smack about kids. Juss Sayin that if the head man and OC are gone who’s going to work with the offense? If they bring a new guy in with a new system good luck being ready this close to week 1. Grimsley had a good thing going with Loosemore and the WingT offense.

  15. @ Hate me

    Are really cracking on someones grammar on a High School Sports news site?….Get a life!

  16. Andy,
    As I much as I appreciate your efforts, I must say if you put a topic on GSO Sports you should be willing to let people talk. I agree that we want to move toward the positive but sometimes you have to deal with the negative first. There has been a lot of negative interaction pushed under the rug at GHS and look at them now. I am not sure why conflict motivated in addressing a problem is considered negative.

  17. bystander,
    I understand you feeling as if you have never met a happy GHS parent but please don’t confuse that with them being a tough or rough group. Every time GHS seems headed in a good direction the coach disappears. The parents usually support the coaches. They just don’t normally stick around long enough to accomplish much.

  18. Quote from new Northern Guilford Head Coach to his players
    “Hell If it were easy, NW Guilford would be winning Championships”

    -New Head Coach Robert Brian Thomas

  19. Before father Andy puts us all to bed for the night, here is one for you. I am going to support Coach Pat Neal. He knows the game and the kids respect him. I want to see coach Neal have every opportunity to succeed and while I can’t (and do not wish to) control anything at GHS, I can pledge my support.

  20. Before new head coach Thomas runs off at the mouth he might want to win a game as a head coach first. You have been riding coach roscoes coat tail for years pal! Here’s a little news Coach…..You ain’t done nothing yet!

  21. We will continue to support all of the coaches and athletic directors in Guilford County and we hope to get some support in return from our readers, but if we don’t we have to keep on rolling….

    Site is about trying to get some positive recognition for the kids and to bring attention to their games…

  22. 2 points:
    Several people on here have commented that Grimsley is behind the 8 ball with a new coach and OC this later in the summer. Thank you for your insight, you have a wonderful mastery of the blatantly obvious.

    I’ve read several comments on that the GHS parents are the problem because their expectations are too high. The ones I know expect the program to have some consistency and be competitive. Doesn’t sound unrealistic to me. Regardless they have had 5 different coaches in 7 years. With all they are facing I’ll be pulling for them. (Except that one game of course)

  23. Topfin29,
    I hope you are from Pirate-land!!! Many of us have sounded the alarm that Page is not our sworn enemy for we have imploded as opposed to being bomb from the outside. Many of the GHS students and parents have been friends since the Lewis Center Days. MOST of the community pulls for all kids from all schools, colors, economic positions, etc. Coach Neal will have the Whirlies ready to go. They are going to compete hard. The fans will cheer loud, (COWBELLING) and the rest we trust to our Commander and Chief, Greg Newlin. BTW… We wish you guys well this year!!

  24. inita,

    get out of here with that “Page is not our sworn enemy,” stuff. Page will forever and always be Grimsley’s sworn enemy. You can’t get away from it. Regardless of how much you’ve imploded, you will STILL get BOMBED from the outside, as well. So, in order to stop the bombing, you better stop imploding.. cause we are not dropping our weapons to let you regroup.

  25. Regap,
    I love it!!! That is what makes high school football fun for everyone. I’m just saying we must conquer the enemy within before we worry about the enemy from the outside.

  26. regap,

    HAHAHA! Why are you talking smack to Grimsley fans? They won 4 games last year and had their head coach walk. Yeah I get they are your rival and all but if I was you I would be worried bout them dirty birds! We coming to sink the ship!

  27. Nighthawk,
    Why do you do your dirty bird business on this thread? Did you read the heading, “Pat Neal named interim football head coach at Grimsley High School”. Recap is talking to Whirlie fans because it is the Whirlie Page.

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