More Triangle/ACC/UNC athletes showing up that had ties to Hayden ‘Fats’ Thomas

The ‘Carolina Car Rental Capers’ involving Greensboro’s PJ. Hairston and Durham’s Hayden ‘Fats’ Thomas are now growing and have expanded from car rentals to phone rentals too and more players are being added to list of those that Thomas had contact with….(CLICK HERE for PJ Hairston video.)

New news this afternoon from WRAL and shows more involvement and this may be spreading out to involve and cover Duke athletes too…..

from Monday afternoon at
Some of the relationships with athletes from UNC, Duke and other institutions, bring into question whether he(Hayden ‘Fats’ Thomas) provided impermissible benefits which could result in NCAA sanctions for those programs.

A statement from the NCAA received Monday stated that they “cannot comment on potential investigations.”

Twitter trail links “Fats,” athletes:

On July 26, 2012, a Twitter user by the name of @fats315 posted a photo that showed former North Carolina forward John Henson and another man seated on a couch at a club. Henson was selected in the NBA Draft by the Milwaukee Bucks just 28 days earlier.

Other tweets to and from @fats315, many of which includes pictures, appear to show relationships with UNC basketball players. On Nov. 14, 2012, UNC guard Leslie McDonald tweeted that “Fats” had given him a phone, which McDonald activated and used.

CLICK HERE to read all from WRAL and and they are all over this one and we are glad to be following their paces….