P.J. Hairston police report has P.J. singing about B.J. ‘Fats’ Thomas and it’s like ‘Raindrops Keep Falling on his head’

The police report from P.J. Hairston’s police stop(DWOL/Driving Without License) is in and it looks like P.J. was trying to pull off ‘The Switch’ with one of the guys in the passenger seat, to make it look like the other guy was driving, when the Durham policeman pulled them over and P.J. also told the reporting officer that ‘Fats’ Thomas had rented the GMC Yukon for him and he was looking forward to driving the Yukon on down to Atlanta….

The police officer also asked P.J. about his marijuana use and that is in the police report too….

News of this day on this topic coming in from the News and Observer out of Raleigh and you can read all on this new info when you CLICK HERE….News and Observer info from Dan Kane, Andrew Carter and Laura Keeley……

*****This week it looks like P.J. is having his good days and his bad days and hopefully he’ll be having some more good days, in a few days and you have to hope he can find some way to distance himself from ‘Fats’ Thomas, if that is at all possible……We have all known P.J. here in Greensboro for many years and we hope this gets better for him soon and that it does not keep on taking more turns for the worse…..You have to go through many a winding road in life and there is no straight road to the finish line….There will be surves along the way, but you have to make sure that you don’t allow yourself to spend more time in the ditch, than you do on the main road/path.*****


  1. the more of the story that is coming out the more this is looking bad for pj and roy-this is turning into another butch davis scandal-if pj is allowed to return to the team which is a big if he should have a severe penalty-it looks like roy is waiting for it to blow over so he can give him a little slap on the wrist-ncaa is not letting this one go away-they are trying to see if roy knew anything about the car rentals-if that can be proved roy and pj may both be gone from chapel hill-seems he would ask why pj was driving so many different vehicles-you think?

  2. the best thing to do with pj is cut him from the team and move on-he is nothing but trouble -good player but needs to clean his act up

  3. i have not heard any unc fans defending pj ithink they know they have a bad apple he should have gone pro when he had a chance he might be playing in raleigh at central prison next year

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