Moore, Stutts, Lee and me go to see Hoppers on Saturday night at Kannapolis:’Turn Back The Clock To 1999′!

‘Turn Back The Clock To 1999’….That’s what it said on the tickets to the Greensboro Grasshoppers vs. Piedmont Boll Weevils game on Saturday night, at Kannapolis….

For one more night, the Kannapolis Intimidators became the Piedmont Boll Weevils and in the process, they played more like the 1999 Philadelhia Phillies, as they ran right past the Greensboro Grasshoppers 6-0….The Hoppers could only muster up 2 hits Saturday night and that won’t get you far, when the Boll Weevils/Intimidators turn back the clock and start playing like old Phillies farm hands, as they were so-affiliated/A Philliated back in ’99 and the Kannapolis-based baseball team, dumps their White Sox heritage for one night only and at the CMC-NorthEast Stadium, the fans start saying ‘Uh-huh’ to everything that they are asked and to everything that they hear….

This was ‘Turn Back The Clock Night’ and we were ready for it……

It all started with heavy rain on the trip down from Greensboro….Rain, rain and them more rain…Don Moore(, Robert Stutts(from the Papa Johns’s K-Zone in Greensboro/NewBridge Bank Park), Lee(another K-Zone/Hoppers Baseball Junkie) and me, all went down to see the Hoppers, on Saturday night…

The roadtrip in the rain was rewarded with FREE game tickets from some local Kannapolis real eastate company and we got those, as we came across the Kannapolis parking lot and headed toward the front gate…..

When we got inside, it felt like we were back in Greensboro, RAIN DELAY, and the scheduled 7:05 start was pushed back to around 7:35pm….

The rains came during the game as well, and they had to stop the contest a few times, to put ‘quick-dry’ out there on the pitcher’s mound and to give time for the stuff to take effect….Steady rain, light rain, the rain is on/the rain is off all night long at Kannapolis, on Saturday night….

The game got started, but the Greensboro Grasshoppers never really got going, as they could not score and that left them out in the cold, on a rainy night in Kannapolis….As the Intimidators assumed the role of the Piedmont Boll Weevils/’Turn Back The Clock To 1999′, the Hoppers looked more like they did back in 1968, which was when the Houston Astros had a team in Greensboro and at the end of that season, baseball was gone from the ‘Gate City’ for a decade, not to return until 1979, as the Greensboro Hornets….Pretty sure the Greensboro boys played as the Patriots in 1968 and they did earn their overall freedom, as the city read them the ‘Patriot Act’, but nobody responded with the “Riot Act’, as we ended up with no more baseball here in Greensboro, until 1979….

So we hit here and we hit home, but we need to get back down to Kannapolis and focus on the ‘Turn Back The Clock To 1999’ night, with FREE tickets, $3.00 hamburgers, $2.00 hot dogs, $5.00 Pabst Blue Ribbon Beers, with $2.00 refills and the beers that I saw looked they were 24-ounzers and plenty of fans were saying “Uh-huh” to that and “Uh-huh” a few more times, after the refills…

As for me, a few people I happened to see from Tennessee and Lee, plus RB(Stutts) and Mr. Moore, the final score did not matter….This was a chance to watch our local team on the road in a different setting and this was all good and a good job by the Intimidators staffers, to keep this game rolling/moving along on a very wet Saturday night, known as ‘Turn Back The Clock To 1999’ night, on July 13, 2013…..

Like I mentioned earlier, was it a rough night for our team, ‘Uh-huh’….Did the rain keep everyone scrambling for cover?? ‘Uh-huh’….Did the concessions come through with that ‘Deal of the Decade’ $2.00 hot dog???(‘Turn Back The Clock To 1999’)…’Uh-huh’…..

And for all of those asked if they would return 14 years later for the ‘Turn Back The Clock To 1999’ again????

Survey said, Uh-huh…Uh-huh…Uh-huh…At least that is what I was hearing on ‘Turn Back The Clock To 1999 Night’, which just happen to hit on July 13, 2013…..

Take it from Don Moore, Robert Stutts, Lee and me, this was one you had to see and if you get the chance in 2027, you have to BE THERE!

*****They have said it before and I’m sure somebody’s gonna say it again, “there’s nothing like K’napp on a Saturday night…..*****