Got any new High School Football 7 on 7’s going on today?(Page HS Summer Workouts)/Ragsdale busy with 7 on 7’s

Any word, any news, on the 7 on 7’s that might be going on for today/tonight???

If there are any going on today, they will be some HOT ones out there in the 90 degree Summer heat of July….

If you have any news on the Guilford County 7 on 7 scene, send it our way and we would like to share it with our readers….Thanks and we will be on the watch for more 7 on 7 news today(Tuesday)…..

*****Bringing it on home to Guilford County 7 on 7 Central.*****

On the field with Page Pirates Summer Workouts when you CLICK HERE, from and WFMY NEWS 2 Sports….


  1. Sounds like Ragsdale is getting busy….Isn’t former football coach at ER, still at Lee County?

  2. What time is the Ragsdale 7 on 7 tomorrow? Do you know what teams are going to be there?

  3. Not hearing much about the new Dudley quarterback.

    How’s that new guy doing? Are they going up field?

  4. How did Western look? Has anyone seen Northern this summer? Just wanted to know if they looked primed to win another one.

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