Hot headline here:Pot, license charges against UNC’s Hairston(Dudley HS) dismissed(

Deatails ready to roll in from….

from WRALSportsFan:

According to court records, Hairston obtained and completed a drug assessment, and the state decided not to proceed based on those actions.

He was also able to provide his current driver’s license.

CLICK HERE to read all about this from and again, the pot charges and the driving without a license charge against P.J. Hairston have been dismissed….


  1. Bet he will still have to sit out first semester of the upcoming season. That will come from Roy Williams and UNC.

  2. Read the details. The charges were dropped by the Durham County DA, who just happens to be a unc grad and also just happened to write a book entitled, “Why you should go to unc”. Could it get any funnier? The charges were not dropped by the police. And worst of all is the rental car(s) issue. The drug charges were dropped AFTER he completed his drug assessment course, as PJ himself admitted he is a recreational marijuana user.

    Bigger question is what message does this send? A player with dope in the car and a gun with a full clip just outside the car and he walks with a slap on the wrist. What happens next time? these athletes get a sense they are above the law until something serious happens. Instead we kick the can down the road. I hope PJ can get his life cleaned up and get off the dope.

    Interesting a college player in Miss was kicked off the team immediately after a failed test. PJ admits to drug use and has it in his car yet Roy doesn’t seem to care. Should not be a surprise to Roy. During his recruitment the coaches, aau coaches and scouts know the kids that use drugs for the most part. PJ smoking dope is not a surprise. As punishment PJ will probably have to sit out the dunk contest at the season opening Midnight Madness. Sad these are the kids that represent unc. Gun toting drug users. Hopefully PJ can beat this and turn his life around and become known for something besides this. We have all made mistakes. The key is not to let it define you.

  3. we have all made mistakes but when you make them you have to pay the price-this the biggest scandal to hit unc in years and as usual they get off scott free-i wonder if ncaa will do anything i doubt it

  4. Why was today’s announcement of dropped criminal charges posted here and yesterday’s N&O(Dan Kane) article about UNC academic fraud not posted?
    Please keep objective and not another publication that caters to to UNC homerism!

  5. The wrath of the NCAA is still out there and laying in wait. It may take some time but they willl swoop in and make some real tough decisions and the outcome will not be nice for UNC.

    NCAA will hit UNC with a very severe blow.

    This case is far from over and far from being completed.

    NCAA could take down more than one Tar Heel player.

  6. We were away from the site most of the day on Sunday with Baseball and did miss the one by Kane.
    Good to see some good news for PJ and hope things go better for the rest of the way….He could use some low profile appoiach days for the next several months….
    Low-key and stick to the basics of school and basketball and that is always easier said than done.

  7. This instance can be summed up easily…Typical UNC athletes doing typical “hollier than thou” actions and typical administrative “disregard” for penalities. Just saying…I have raised two children and I told them both from an early age that they could attend any college in North Carolina, except UNC-Chapel Hill. I was right for 35 years and still am.

  8. If you don’t want your child to go the best school in the UNC system, that’s your decision. UNC Chapel Hill is not getting off scott free. Their football team has paid the price and PJ will have to serve some type of suspension. Roy will handle this. There are some on this site who will only be happy if they shut down the entire athletic department.

  9. Hi Tom, if being the “best” means you offer classes that don’t exist, allow prohibited gifts from boosters, allow your students to drive cars without licenses, allow them to carry guns, allow them cary weed in their cars, condone the use of weed, provide tudors to write their papers and then flaunt it all in front of the NCAA, then I will definitely want my children to go somewhere other than the “best” university.

  10. If you tell your children from a early they cann’t attend UNC your a IDIOT!!!!!!!!! And thats why you are still just wandering.

  11. Tim, you heard the story about the guy that was asked where he got his UNC tee shirt? Like 90% of their fans, he answered Wal-Mart. You shop at Battleground or Wendover?

  12. They are the highest rated school by far in the state system. They have the highest average SAT scores by far. They are Number 5 in the country in Public Universities. If you are a very good student, the only reason not to go there is if you want to be an engineer. NC State is the best choice for that. If you want your child to go to the best school in the state, send them to Chapel Hill.

  13. Just Wandering that’s where I know you from the the guy checking receipts at Walmart. I will try to remember to speak next time

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