Dennis White report from Monday night’s East-West All-Stars Basketball at the Greensboro Coliseum with update on Coffer and Hailey

Dennis White reporting live from the Greensboro Coliseum the 39th annual East-West- All-Star game for the ladies throughout the state of North Carolina. Two young lades from Guilford County were on the West team Kenya Haley from Southeast and Amanda Coffer from Northern High School. Both Haley and Coffer had an outstanding game. Haley was the second leading scorer for the West team with 12 points. Haley went 4-7 FG 3pointer 2-5 Ft 2-2 Rebounds 4 and she played 23 Mins. Haley kept the West in the game with a few 3 pointerS late in the game. Amanda Coffer role on tonight was to play hard defense as she had to play against some of the top inside players in the state. She was able to hold her on at times. Amanda had had only 5 points. She was 2-7 FG 1-4 3pointer 5 Rebounds 1 block and she played 19 mins. The East Won the Game 67 -60. congratulation to both Kenya Haley and Amanda Coffer for a job well done.