Greensboro Green Colt Baseball Team wins today(Saturday) in finals on Sunday at the East Zone Tournament

from the 11am Game today at the Colt Baseball East Zone Tournament at Stoner-White Stadium, inside Jaycee Park:

Greensboro Green 9
Manchester, New Hampshire 3

Manchester vs. Struthers/Youngtown, Ohio Sunday morning at 11am and that will be the continuation of the 2pm suspended game frpm Saturday afternoon….

*****Greensboro Green is in the Championship Game Series of the East Zone Tournament and they have to lose twice on Sunday to be eliminated….If Greensboro Green wins ONE game on Sunday, then they have their ticket punched to the Colt Baseball World Series in Lafayette, Indiana, beginning next week…..First game to get to Indiana should begin at around 12:30-1pm on Sunday afternoon for, the Greensboro Green Colt team…..*****


  1. Youngstown defeats Greensboro Green, 2-1, in game one. Game two will begn shortly with winner advancing to Indiana.

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