Johnathan Spruill bringing Multi-Sport Combine to the Greensboro Sportsplex one week from today!

Saturday August 3 at the Greensboro Sportsplex, from Athletic Performance Testing and the local Athletic Revolution….

This will be a middle school and high school multi sport combine. Our company has partnered up with (APT) Athletic Performance Testing , they are coming to Greensboro to do performance testing on middle and high school aged athletes using the same equipment they use to test college and professional athletes. Their equipment has been featured on ESPN Sports Science and endorsed by several NBA and NFL athletes.The equipment is so advanced it can test over 100 athletes in 1 hour with results like reaction time, decision making skills and more. It can do all your basic combine test as well as create test.

Jump Testing
Agility Drills
Speed Training
Reactive Drills
Video of your performance
Online Instriction from Coaches
*****Same equipment used in the ESPN Sports Science Laboratories*****


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