Will P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS) be back with the Tar Heels in 2013-2014, or is his career over at North Carolina?

Is it over for P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS/Hargrave Military Academy) at North Carolina?

Is his basketball career finished, or will coach Roy Williams eventually lift the suspension, and give him another chance??

They say three strikes and you are out and this would make the third time that P.J. has been stopped for a traffic violation….Several charges have already been dropped, but this time around, after the Sunday stop/pull over for speeding in Charlotte, it looks some of these charges are going to start sticking soon….

Is it time for P.J. to turn in his driver’s license and start walking???

You have to agree with this, P.J. Hairston has become the most talked about athlete in North Carolina this Summer…..Some in Raleigh are calling this, the ‘Summer of P.J’…..Hairston may just be the most talked about person overall in the news this Summer, in North Carolina….You have probably seen him on TV more this Summer than anyone else in the state, even the governor, Pat McCory, from Jamestown……

But the big question of the day and for the ‘Summer of P.J.’ is this, “Will P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS) be back with the Tar Heels in 2013-2014, or is his career over at North Carolina?”

Got any thoughts on this one and do you think Roy Williams will let him back on the team? All of this ‘Summer of P.J.’ talk is not making Roy’s job any easier….You have to think Roy is getting fed up, with this unwanted attention that is being sent in the direction of his basketball program…….

Will P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS) be back with the Tar Heels in 2013-2014 or is his career over at North Carolina?


  1. Carolina Rocks just posted this on your site and I could not agree more. ROY WILLIAMS BELIEVES PJ WILL BE FIRST TEAM ALL-AMERICAN AND NATIONAL PLAYER OF THE YEAR. Roy says that PJ has always been able to score at will. Now that everyone knows that PJ can “take a charge” and go “really fast in traffic” he will be unstoppable. First round draft pick. LOL!!!

  2. Doubtful he suits up for unc again. Tremendous embarrassment to a university that has had 3 plus years of embarrassments. His biggest problem is not the guns, drugs, speeding and such. The biggest issue is dealing with agents and improper benefits. It’s obvious the corruption at unc is across multiple sports. We know it goes back to at least 1992. Sad way for Dean to be remembered. BTW, who was the AD when all this was set up?……….Swofford. Hopefully PJ gets his life turned around, for himself and the good of society. good luck to him.

  3. Roy first said that he couldn’t suspend him because he wasn’t enrolled in summer classes. Then he suspended without being enrolled in summer classes. He’ll be “unsuspended” before practice starts which means he wasn’t suspended at all.
    Worst case: He will be allowed to practice and he may miss some none ACC games — unless he strikes again.

  4. Why shut off the comments on the HS Player thread when they start to roll? If there ain’t profanity or such let them go! People should be able to voice what they think….That’s what makes this a great web site!

  5. Not when they are slanderng coaches…..No room for that here…If they have a beef with the coach, they need to go see him face-to-face and not come on here and blast him….We have our Guilford County coaches that are working to do the right thing and we need to respect that and hopefully they will respect what we are trying to do in return….

    *****It is a two-way street and we have to share it…I liked the way the way the comments were going too, until someone came on here and began to slander one of our coaches.*****

  6. Okay I get where you are coming from and this is you website so I respect that….But I must say anytime a coach is being paid we should be able to voice our opinion about them as fans of the program without telling him face to face. That’s the great part of having sports blogs/websites and sports in general. As long as I’m being civil about it and not using comments that R rated. Coaches at the HS/College/NFL level are professionals. They do this as a career and get paid so should be able to deal with the critics.

  7. High school coaches get paid practically nothing. They do it because they love sports. I agree with Andy, if you have an issue with the coach go do it face to face. Many times the parents don’t want to hear what the coach has to say. I have more of an issue with the crazy parents than I do with the coaches.

  8. As far as P.J. Hairston goes, I feel he is finished at UNC. Roy is bound to be getting tired of this mess, it just keeps on coming back to him and he has to deal with it and I’m sure it getting old in a hurry for the coach.

    P.J will be moving on and we just have to hope that he can get his life turned around.

  9. Tom is so right…..I think in all of these topics that we are addressing these days it all goes back to the parents….

    In way too many of these problem situations it comes down to the parents going crazy…..Crazy for attention for their kid, crazy for recogniton for the kids and they want it right now, cause their kid in their mind is better than he or she really is….In the end many of the parents think that they will one day strike it rich if their kid goes pro and way too many of them think their kid is cinch to make it in the pros and the money will set up their entire family for the rest of their lives….

    There is no sense of reality and in the end, no sense of accountablity on the part of the parents and they in turn pass that no sense of accountability and no sense of responsibility, on their kids….

    The parents think their kid should be handed every opportunity, but they would be a lot better off in the end if they had to work their tail off and earn it….

    Local baseball team has a kid that got a 3.5 million dollar signing bonus, another got $187,000.00 for his bonus and still one more got $1,000 and that is it….The kid that got the one thousand dollars knows the value of working to just make it and we need more kids with their parents backing them up, that are willing to go the extra mile and do it the hard way, with for some, that is the only way they will make it and they have learned the value of hard work and what it means to battle to get to the top….

    Too many parents feel their kid is entitled to everything and they want somebody to hand it to them, or give it to them….

    It just does not work that way in life….The victory will go to man that is still standing and hanging in and not waiting for somebody to give him something….

    When you get past 18 years old, you are way beyond the age of accountability and it is time to stand up and take on some responsibility…..

    Just a few thoughts…..

  10. Ok I feel you Andy….but what if you’re not a parent and just a fan of the program? What if you went to that school and spilled your blood, sweat, and tears on those very same fields? What if you don’t like the direction the program is going in….Do you really think the Head Coach is going to take time to meet with you one on one face to face so you can voice your displeasure in the direction of the program? Not a chance…Anyway not trying to stir the pot anymore. I just think its good to have debate sometimes as long as it’s not R-Rated. Thanks for all you do Andy! GREENSBOROSPORTS.COM is a great website and I’m hoping you have another successful season as well man!

    oh and PJ is done at Carolina! NBA Europe here he comes! LOL

  11. PJ is a PERFECT fit for the NBA or abroad!! He will have lots of company in the mess he is in. Get him out of NCAA sports and especially the program at UNCCH.

  12. Volunteer to help out as a coach or mentor at your old school and you can get right in there one would hope and you could help be a part of the solution…Most schools are looking for some extra volunteer-type help and especially if it is from the general population and not from parents….Don’t think they want the parents in there where they would have direct input with their own kids, but others, don’t see how that could be or would be a problem…..

    A lot of thoughts and let’s hope things will eventually work out for PJ, but he might be much better off to sit out, while he gets his life in order….

    The game(basketball) has to be a privilege and not a right and you have to respect the game and yourself and make them work out together, as a positive and as a positive influence on society…..

  13. Andy,

    How bout some more HS Football? I see a lot of info on Northern, Dudley, Page. How bout some on Grimsley, Smith, HP Central, NW Guilford, Ragsdale, NE Guilford

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