Grimsley Football Jamboree has grown to 7 teams with the addition of North Davidson and Shy Tuttle

Grimsley Football Jamboree Grows to 7 teams…
Next Wednesday August 14 at Jamieson Stadium..See below for full details…

The North Davidson Black Knights have been added to Grimsley Jamboree.

North Davidson with highly regarded Shy Tuttle, DT Jr. 6-2 285, nephew of Perry Tuttle the All-American receiver from North Davidson and Clemson….North Davidson will play Dudley and Dudley has Chris Register(LB), who BTW, is headed to Clemson…

Head Coach for ND, Coach Holcomb, was excited to be a part of this Jamboree. Gonna be some great competition, and an exciting turnout from the fans and community. An awesome kick off to another great NC HS Football season. Yes, Dudley will play ND, now that will be a great matchup.

Grimsley(with new coach Pat Neal), Southwest Guilford(with new coach Eric Rainey was with Page a while back and now a Cowboy), Smith(with new coach Antonio Kirkpatrick/was with Dudley, played for Page), Dudley(with new Defensive Coordinator Brandon Anderson/was with Grimsley), WS Parkland(with former Grimsley head ooach Martin Samek), Fayetteville Westover and now North Davidson……

*****Now planning to start at around 6pm and admission will be $2.00….A great deal now that you get to see seven teams in action….*****

Carolina is the main sponsor for the event…..


  1. This event may have now grown to eight teams with the addition of Shy Tuttle. That kid is pretty darn big and pretty darn good and this will be a real good test for Dudley…Good chance to see what Smith is made of too and if they have a the team that can make some noise this season….

  2. I think Dudley will take care of North Davidson and they will win the whole event next week.


  3. Dudley new defensive coordinator name is Brandon Andeson not Derek Anderson. He use to be the defensive coordinator at Grimsley from 2004-2008.

  4. Gonna check this event out. The Black Knights and Panthers put on a heck of a show in last years playoff game. Know it’s “just” a scrimmage, but the winner of this one gets a big boost of confidence heading into the season.

  5. Yeah lots of names to keep up with and I think Derek Anderson might be or might have been the Carolina Panthers #2 QB that came there from Arizona…

    Brandon Anderson and more people may want to talk about it, but I think Ross is right on….Big shootout with Dudley and North Davidson last year and that one featured RH3/Richard Hayes III on the run against both Shay and Shy Tuttle….

    Ought to be getting big about next Wednesday night…

  6. How about Shay, and good to keep it all in the family…

    All of the Tuttles are connected somehow and that talent runs deep.

  7. Still getting more details and info on the Grimsley Jamboree and we will more updated info for you tomorrow….

    This ought to be a real ‘Big One’ and need to plan to be there at Grimsley/Jamieson Stadium for this one and we are hoping that all of the parking will be ready for the fans and Coach Res will keep us up to date on those details…

    Coach Res is our football media contact source at Grimsley and will be your local resource for this game…

    On the state-wide level, will be on the scene….

    More news or details hit, we will have them…

  8. One Hell of a scrimmage is going on at Pinecrest Saturday morning at 8am.

    Marlboro County
    Jack Britt
    Northwest Guilford
    Northern Guilford

  9. Leave it to the Northern fans to show their class once again….I really hope Page and NW beat you guys this year just to shut some of yall up!

  10. Just a heads up, with the main parking lot at Grimsley under construction there will be additional parking at Kiser Middle school. Guests can follow signs from there to visitors entrance at Jamieson.

  11. I wonder if North Davidson will bring their own referee crew to this scrimmage also??

  12. Shane’s Rib Shack will be serving pork and chicken sandwiches at the Jamboree!

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