15 minutes at 15 schools in 15 days:Day Eight on the road at Ben L. Smith High School

Dennis White on the road/street at Ben L. Smith HIgh School today…..

Dennis White reporting with the GreensboroSports.com had an opportunity to talk with Smith high school football Coach Kilpatrick about the upcoming season as the new head coach at Ben L Smith High School. Number of players 88. First game of the season Northwest August 23.

Practiced schedule 5:15 to 7:30 once a today. Top returning players for the Golden Eagles Marcus Johnson wide receiver , Trey Lennon runningback, Reshad Morgan, Dontrey Hagwood….

Teams to beat in the conference would be Dudley and Page. Offensive Leader quarterback Gemel Dixon, Deffense Leader Desmond Sturdivant. Upcoming Scrimmages Sat Aug 10 at Reidsville High School. Next scrimmage game will be at would be the Jamboree at Grimsley high school on Aug 14 starting around 6:00 pm. Eagles new QB will be Gemel Dixon. Reporting from Smith High school Dennis White with GreensboroSports .Com

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  1. Not much info in this report. I went to the scrimmage game today, and Smith looked ok. I think things will be better than last year. Although Smith didn’t have their starting QB today they still managed to score three TD’s, with all three being called back due to holding penalties. Rockingham only scored once after Smith put their second string defense in the game, in the 4th period.

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